Thursday, May 2, 2013

Story of My Virginity

The first thing I should say is I don't read Jenni's blog Story of My Life. The second thing I should say is that while I LOVE her challenge to focus on writing and not on stupid stuff, I almost always do the former and not the latter. Which would be why I only update about once a week. The third (and final!) thing I should say is that I have no intention of blogging every day, but participating in this might motivate me to blog more.

Jess and Casey both linked up for this, which is how I discovered it. I liked the challenge, but me being me, I decided to refocus the topic a bit. Make it more moi. So instead of writing 250 words on the story of my life, I give you 250 words on the story of my virginity.

I was nine when I first started thinking about sex. All I knew about sex was that a grown-up penis and a grown-up vagina touched each other. I imagined the penis nestled between the folds of the vagina like a hot dog in a bun.

I was ten or eleven when my mom gave H and me the “talk.” I still thought the idea of French-kissing was gross, and saving sex for marriage seemed like a great idea. You would have to be in love to do something that gross.

I was seventeen when I first wondered about maybe having sex before marriage. Primarily because I was flirting a lot with this guy, who I knew was a non-virgin. I still thought premarital sex was a sin, but I justified my reasoning by thinking of all the other sins that I committed constantly. Like lying and swearing. Having sex before marriage wasn’t any worse!

I was seventeen when I had my first orgasm.

I was nineteen when I had my first kiss, which turned into a steamy make-out session that included some below-the-waist touching (my waist, his touch). I spent the next month praying for forgiveness.

I was twenty-one when I took “Feminist Biblical Interpretation” and wondered if I should save sex for love, not marriage.

I forget my age when I returned to my original stance of saving sex for marriage, but this time, with the understanding that premarital sex wasn’t a sin.

And now I blog about virginity!

I came in at exactly 250 words. Aka I'm awesome.


  1. Love this! So happy to have found your blog via this link-up! New follower :)

  2. Hey Belle,
    FYI I don't want to be anonymous for this comment, but every time I try to sign in it just brings me around in circles.

    According to the good ol' book premarital sex IS a sin. I think it's very misleading when individuals, groups, denominations try to rewrite the Bible according to what is convenient. It is hard to have self control. It is easy to give in and have a couple of good romp. Positive choices are rarely the easy ones. The point isn't "oh noooooo sex is sooo bad!" But the point of not having sex before marriage isn't really racking up good points and canceling out bad ones is it? It's about the relationships themselves. Yours with God, your partner's with God, your relationship with your partner and making sure it is centered around God. That is about more than not engaging in PIV sex but it is part of it.

    1. I don't know why you're having trouble logging in... Blame blogger?

      I received your comment while I was at work yesterday, and I soon realized I couldn't give a proper reply in the short amount of time I give myself as breaks. :)

      I'm working from home today, aka I'm still working, so I have the same problem.

      When May is over, and I return to writing an epic blog post about once a week, I'll find the time to write an entire blog post (or blog series) on what I've discovered in the Bible and what I've learned in regards to the historical context of when the Bible was written. As I'm sure you've discovered in your studies, the Bible is multi-authored and, at times, contradictory. Certainly some verses and some Christian traditions support the belief that premarital sex is a sin, but other verses, and often the reasoning behind church traditions, suggest otherwise.

      In short: 1) It's not misleading; it's engaging with the text, studying historical context, and drawing different conclusions. 2) Self-control is quite easy, which is why I didn't get naked with any of the 18 people I made out with before I met Beau. 3) My relationship with God is tight, thanks. 4) My boyfriend is an atheist, so he's not really worried about God.

  3. Fascinating... And once again left me curious for more! Look at you and your salesworthy ways.

    1. Haha, thanks, Christina! Check out my portfolio (linked along the top) for my self-selected best blog posts. :)

  4. Belle, I think this is really intriguing and not "just" because you are talking about virginity and loss of such, and about sex and such, but mostly because you seem to be comfortable with the subject. And that is the key - we can talk about any subject in our blogs, but if we don't sound comfortable and only approach it to score the rankings, our readers will catch up sooner or later. I'm glad I found your blog and I will be sure to read most, if not all, your posts (subscribing now).

    1. Thank you, Angela! Trust me, I've come a long way. I used to blush and look at the ground whenever S-E-X was mentioned.


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