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Have you ever read my blog and found yourself thinking “Omigod, Belle is the best writer of all time, and she's so inspiring, and I would just LOVE to guest post on her blog as an homage to her?”



Maybe you haven't thought that exactly, but I do know my readers have their own stories to tell. I'm not the only virgin out there. I'm not the only feminist, or sorority alumnae, or francophile, or au pair, or bookworm. My voice is important, but providing a platform for multiple voices is even better.

I would love one guest blogger a month. I'm so busy right now with work and my boyfriend and moving to my own apartment and everything. 

Here's everything you need to know to write for me.

Updated 06/03/2013: Be specific in your proposal. Don't just say you'll write something "unique." Tell me the topic(s) you want to cover. If I don't already know you via blogging, twitter, or Real Life, send me links to examples of your writing. I love to feature guest bloggers, but no, I'm not going to let just anyone write on my blog.

Technical stuff:

Word Count: Your post can be as long as you want, as long as it centers on a single theme or topic. If you think it's veering off-course, or you think it's getting too long, talk to me about doing a series. My post on consent was supposed to be a one-shot, but, well, that failed. I do require a minimum of 250 words.

Images/Videos: Pictures are optional for posts of less than 400 words. For 400+, you need at least one picture and/or video. Up to three pictures and/or videos is okay, only one of which can be a video. Images need to be your own or public domain. Images can be a button for your blog. If you find it on the web, I need the original source so I can link it back. (See how I did that here). 

Adding a picture makes long text less intimidating. Or something.

Formatting: Send everything as an attachment to Attach a document with your guest post and each photo and/or video separately. Well, the video can be a link in the body of the email. Indicate where in the post you want the images/video. I will format it in my blog.


Content: It needs to be somewhat personal. This is a blog, not a collection of critical essays. My book reviews are the least personal thing I write, but they still reflect who I am. Basically, you can write about anything you want as long as it relates to being yourself and not giving into societal pressure. Oh, and as long as it's not judgmental of people who make different choices than you have/do/will. Example: I write as an intentional virgin, but I clearly state that I respect nonvirgins for their choice to have sex. Unless you're judging people who try to control other people's choices, then rock on. Example: My posts on sexual assault and on rape apologists.

Blog series: I would love love LOVE if you felt inclined to add to one of my ongoing blog series. Current blog series are Mythbusters: Virgin Edition; Why I'm a Feminist; Me & OKC (okcupid); and Book Club Friday. I would also love in nonvirgins wanted to contribute to a currently unwritten series Mythbusters: SexiTime Edition.

Ideas: Virginity “loss” (I see it as a gift, but that's just me). Virginity in literature. Virginity in pop culture. Virginity in same-sex relationships. Purity. Sex and religion. Marriage. Your perspective on virginity/sex/relationships/religion/feminism does NOT have to be the same as my own.

Bio: Write a brief third person bio that you want included. I will tweak it to be more personal, since I'll be introducing you at the beginning of the post. See the boyfriend's guest post. Or I can write an intro for you, like I did for him.

Bio for friends IRL: You get to choose your level of anonymity. If you already have a pseudonym, like several of my best friends and past hook-ups, you can claim that identity. You'll still be anonymous to the majority of my readers, but not to the other friends IRL who read my blog (about 20 people, some of whom will recognize your description). Or you can be totally anonymous and labeled as “This is a submission from someone who requested to remain anonymous.”

Exceptions: If I know you IRL, but you want to link your blog/twitter/etc., then I will present you as an online friend.

Bio for online friends: You get to choose your level of anonymity too! You have a few more options. Your real life identity. Your online identity. Or the totally anonymous submission. Bonus: You can link your twitter/blog/etc. if you choose your real life or online identity. 

Closing remarks:

I'm so excited to hear what y'all have to say!

Bisous, Belle Vierge 

Write for Princess Belle. You know you want to...

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