Monday, January 5, 2015

Why Do Stupid People Comment on My Blog?

I don't have time tonight to address in detail the latest incident of stupidity in the comments, but rest assured, I will.

And rest assured, if you are polite when you disagree with me, or you are polite when you are confused with what I write, or you are polite when you ask a question for clarification, I won't publicly humiliate you like I plan to do to someone else in the next few days.

But if you're an idiot AND your comment is dripping with condescension, "No offense, but..." then I'm going to take you down.

Let's start with some basics of reading comprehension, shall we?

A single word, like "person," has one meaning. The word "person," by itself, is fairly vague, and applies to a lot of living beings. 

Two words, like "smart person," has a more specific meaning. The word "person" could apply to a "smart person," but "person" also applies to a "stupid person." 

Thus, "person" /=/ "smart person."

Let's move on to some basics of reading a blog.

Blogs have links. These links provide additional and/or supporting information to the blog's content. 

Like this link to the Wikipedia article for "person." 

Bloggers provide these links in case our readers are interested in the topic and would like to learn more.

Bloggers also provide these links for clarification, in case our readers need more information to understand our topic.

Inbound links are links to previous writing by the blogger, on the blog. 

Like this link to my "blog readers" tag.

Inbound links are particularly helpful when a blogger has already written extensively on a topic, and doesn't feel the need to rewrite the same damn thing with every subsequent post.

Tags are words or phrases that bloggers apply to blog posts to help our blog readers find related content. As seen in the example above, sometimes we provide inbound links directly to a tag within the text of a blog. Otherwise, you can find the same link at the bottom of the blog post.


Don't tell me that I don't know anything about "modesty" in a post on MODESTY CULTURE. Because "modesty" is NOT the equivalent of "modesty culture." 

No fucking duh.

Especially when I include LINKS GALORE to all the shit I've already written on this topic.

Thus concludes today's lesson on How to be a Fucking Idiot.

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