101 Things in 1001 Days

Created March 14, 2012
  1. Self-publish three singles on Amazon (0/3)
  2. Have 100+ followers on my blog [My 100th follower emailed me 08/19/2013, woot!]
  3. Get engaged and/or move back to France, permanently [Beau proposed 10/20/2013]
  4. Get my teaching certification for French, History, and Social Studies
  5. Learn how to grill
  6. Read 143 new books (90/143) [As of 05/23/2014]
  7. Review/rate every book I ever read on goodreads
  8. Meet someone from my blog and/or twitter in real life
  9. Start a book club in the Midwest
  10. Continue book club in New York via skype [Meeting the second "virtual" time 03/02/2013 via Google Hangouts]
  11. Volunteer regularly, preferably in a museum or library (8/143) [As of 04/17/2014]
  12. Enter a writing competition (2/3) [09/14/2012, 05/03/2013]
  13. Send handwritten notes to friends and family (0/50)
  14. Donate to Delta Nu* every year (2/3) [Paid dues + donation = $30 06/03/2012; again 06/28/2013]
  15. Work with my co-mods to turn our Crohn's blog into an e-book
  16. See Taylor Swift in concert
  17. See Glee on tour
  18. Treat my parents to dinner [My parents AND my in-laws! 04/25/2014]
  19. Come home the weekend before or after my younger brother's 21st birthday [02/15-17/2013]
  20. Take ballroom dance lessons [Three private wedding dance lessons count, right?]
  21. Take belly dancing lessons
  22. Attend a wine-tasting (3/3) [04/20/2013, 02/28/2014, 03/07/2014]
  23. Discover American wine I like as much as French wine [Cabernet Sauvignon is almost as good as Haut Médoc]
  24. Learn how to knit and/or crochet
  25. Craft something discovered on pinterest [Christmas 2012, drink coasters]
  26. Make my own Glee-inspired shirt
  27. Private
  28. Private
  29. Come out on my blog/twitter [07/30/2012]
  30. Host a themed murder mystery dinner party
  31. Wear make-up every day for two weeks (0/14)
  32. Get a facial [For my birthday 06/07/2012]
  33. Make my own recipe notebook with favorite recipes
  34. Join a new church that's in line with my beliefs
  35. Find a francophone group in the Midwest
  36. Take a writing class
  37. Teach the boyfriend how to speak French
  38. Go to sleep by 11pm for a whole week (I forget when I first did this, but now I do it all the time)
  39. Spend an entire day naked with the boyfriend (robes can be worn to the bathroom and to the kitchen)
  40. Act like a kid for a weekend [With the boyfriend 09/21-23/2012 Laser tag, Star Wars, Star Trek, pajama day...]
  41. Anonymously buy someone a drink (0/3)
  42. Find out if I'm allergic to labradoodles
  43. Track down and buy the art book of women reading from the Musée d'Orsay
  44. Buy an art book on impressionism
  45. Buy a print of my favorite painting (La Salle de Danse by Degas)
  46. Compliment a stranger every day for a week (0/7)
  47. Private
  48. Adopt a zoo animal for someone's birthday/Christmas present [09/04/2012, a polar bear for the boyfriend's birthday!]
  49. Host a board game weekend sleepover
  50. See each Hunger Games movie at midnight (2/3) [03/23/2012 with Hardy*, 11/22/2013 with Beau and his brother]
  51. Attend a protest/march/etc. for women's rights
  52. Get a fleur-de-lis tattoo [For my birthday, with the boyfriend holding my hand, 06/09/2012]
  53. Start helping my parents with my student loans [May 2014]
  54. See my step-cousin again [04/05/2014 at my wedding reception!]
  55. Spend Christmas (or another major holiday, family pending) with Grandma [Christmas 2012!]
  56. Publish an article in my sorority's magazine
  57. Attend Convention
  58. Go to (another) ComicCon, in costume, with the boyfriend [I forget the exact date, but September 2013]
  59. Build a blanket fort with the boyfriend and sleep in it
  60. Go apple-picking; also buy apple cider & apple butter
  61. Pick pumpkins & carve jack-o-lanterns [Picked pumpkins 09/30/2012]
  62. Watch the sunrise with the boyfriend [We keep doing this in an unromantic way, and I keep saying it doesn't count, but finally, I'm relenting]
  63. Build a bookshelf together; engrave our names on the shelves
  64. Create rules for Sexy Scrabble & play it
  65. Harry Potter weekend
  66. Go to Niagara Falls [With the boyfriend, 03/24-25/12]
  67. Go to Montreal
  68. Spend a weekend at a small B&B alone to focus on reading/writing
  69. Write a bucket list
  70. Write an accomplished list
  71. Take the boyfriend to my favorite mountain retreat [02/17/2013]
  72. Church camp reunion
  73. See three touring Broadway shows (1/3) [Wicked in Summer 2013]
  74. Participate in a flash mob
  75. Try two new recipes a week for four weeks (0/8)
  76. Find a Starbucks in the Midwest I like as much as the one in New York
  77. Write to Starbucks about how great the baristas were in New York
  78. Do a follow-up interview with Therese
    [09/03/2012 Close enough... We filmed a skype call for the documentary; 03/24/2014 We did an actual follow-up interview!]
  79. See a screening of How To Lose Your Virginity
  80. See I Was a Teenage Feminist
  81. Meet Dannielle & Kristin of Everyone is Gay  [They recognized me from twitter! Fall 2012]
  82. Go to a postsecret event
  83. Inspire someone to work in France
  84. Write a Delta Nu recommendation for this very sweet girl [I tried, but she never gave me the info I needed]
  85. If she gets in, surprise her at initiation; if she joins another, send her flowers
  86. Make a collage of au pairing in France
  87. Write “The Corruption of Belle Vierge” aka my memoirs of au pairing in France
  88. Make a France collage
  89. Make a “Trip with Mark*” collage
  90. Make a collage from my summer internship
  91. Private
  92. Splurge on really nice lingerie [Throughout 2013, I've spent hundreds of dollars on nice bras, sexy panties, and one sexy nightie. Close enough.]
  93. Organize a scavenger hunt
  94. Start a traveling journal with Ali, Cara, & Jane*
  95. Edit/revise my final French paper on Agnes Varda
  96. Edit/revise my senior thesis
  97. Edit/revise my defense on women's ordination
  98. Be the first one to start dancing to live music in public
  99. Inspire someone to make their own list of 101 things!
  100. Celebrate finishing all 101 things on December 9, 2014!

    *We're good on this whole pseudonym thing, right?


  1. You know, your cool. I love people with bucket lists. My list is insane.

    1. Thank you! This is definitely a challenging list, and I'm not totally certain it's all going to happen. But I keep working at it, bit by it!

  2. This is awesome! I feel like we probably have a lot in common (I'm from the southern U.S., speak French and want to become a teacher, am a Christian, love Glee...) and I've seen 3 Broadway touring productions! Hairspray in '09 in Atlanta, Les Miz in '12 in Knoxville, and this spring I saw Wicked in Charlotte. :-D

    1. Thank you! I love Wicked. I've seen it three times now! :)


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