Thursday, May 30, 2013

Someone Is Wrong on the Internet

Duty Calls
via xkcd
I engage in discussion in a lot of places online. I routinely comment on articles at The Huffington Post (which is full of idiots, mostly sexist idiots), I comment on Jezebel (which is mostly full of very liberal feminists with whom I agree only half the time), I comment on XO Jane (which seems to include more level-headed feminists and less vitriol), I comment at The Atlantic (hit or miss on idiocy, with its fair share of misogynists), and I comment on other blog posts/articles/etc. that are linked to me, especially if it's an excuse to leave a link to my blog in a comment.

But sometimes, I have to stop. Sometimes I am filled with rage over the evil, misogynist, stupid things I read, and then I have to decide if it's worth my time to reply or not. Sometimes I'm able to write a calm, logical reply as to how the stupid person is wrong.

And sometimes, I have to let it go.

Sometimes, I choose to focus on my own writing instead of correcting others.

Sometimes, I choose to engage in more interesting, thoughtful, respectful debates.

Sometimes, I allow my friends to back me up, instead of continuing to argue my point.

Sometimes, I choose to close my laptop and snuggle with Beau.

Is it ever hard for you to leave a debate?


  1. I love XO Jane. I can get sucked in for hours just clicking links to endless articles. Especially when I casually glance at twitter and see they've updated. xx

    1. ME TOO! I'm fairly new there. One of my twitter followers suggested it when I complained about the new-ish commenting system on Jezebel. Using Disqus is soooo much better. It's all I can do not to read and comment on like, ten articles a day.

  2. It is in fact hard for me, that's why I cannot get involved in online debates, because people are so rude & uneducated on so many of the matters.

    1. Yes, people are SO rude and SO uneducated, but they think they're right, and if they keep shouting the same abuse, everyone will agree. At some points, I just wash my hands of them and move on.

  3. Oh the 'want to stay' but the 'need to click away' ... I know this well.

  4. ALWAYS. but it's also usually healthier for me to walk away!

    p.s. that is my favorite XKCD ever.

    1. Sometimes the rage is good, and even inspires some of my blog posts. But other times, the rage is bad, and I have to just let it go.

      P.S. Yes, I love xkcd. So much nerdy fun!


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