Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Which of These Songs Should Play When I "Lose" My Virginity? (Kidding)

Today, we're supposed to share songs that mean something to us. I'd rather share my favorite songs about virginity and/or virginity "loss."

"Like a Virgin" Glee cover

The actual performance is phenomenal, but Glee has been really good/obnoxious about getting videos removed from youtube.

"Only the Good Die Young," Billy Joel

My mom had to explain to me that this was a song about Billy Joel seducing a Catholic virgin. I had no idea. I was in high school when she told me this.

"Touch Myself," Divinyls

Because sometimes the best love is self-love.

"Strawberry Wine," Deanna Carter

I love this song. I also had no idea it alluded to a teenage girl's first time.

"Fifteen," Taylor Swift

Technically, only the line about Abigail is potentially about virginity "loss." But I love me some Taylor Swift, so I had to include it!

Inspiration for this post brought to you by Libby, an intern at How to Lose Your Virginity, and her post here.

Vote for my wedding night song in the comments! It will have zero effect on my actual wedding night, but it's fun anyway.


  1. Thank you for not including Rod Stewart's "Tonight's the Night," because thinking of an ancient Rod singing it now makes me want to hurl. (Actually, thinking of Rod always made me want to hurl.)

    Go with Taylor Swift. You don't want to be thinking about peeps your granny's age when you get your groove on, but something you like.

    1. Too bad the bf isn't Taylor's biggest fan... He's not crazy about country. =/



  3. I was going to vote for Only the Good Die Young. But there will always be a place for Billy Joel in my heart, so I'm biased. Although, I would add White Houses to the list by Vanessa Carlton, and that might end up being my choice...

    1. Billy Joel is my all-time favorite singer. :)

      I'm not familiar with White Houses! I'll have to youtube that when I'm not at work.

  4. White Houses by Vanessa Carlton.

  5. Haha! I love this. I lost my virginity to the soft sounds of Berlin's Take My Breath Away. Tom Cruise flying through the sky in the background.... Not a bad choice. I recommend it. :) Though I 'spose you won't need the "hey, you wanna come over and watch a movie.. " line. Extra points if you use it anyway!

  6. Hi! I stumbled across your blog on someone's Facebook page, so one, I wanted to comment and say hello, because blogging is hard. :) (Shameless plug- And secondly, we listened to Norah Jones on our wedding night, and had much romantic dancing that led to, um, more dancing. Not as fun as what you listen, but storytelling is fun, and Norah Jones is romantic. :)

    1. Thank you, and hello back! (Just read your post on gender inclusivity--I refer to God with feminine pronouns!)

      "...and had much romantic dancing that led to, um, more dancing."

      Scandalous! What would the southern Baptists think?!


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