Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm Terrified Of...

I am writing this on Monday and scheduling it on Tuesday! Who else is impressed? I just earned ALL the cookies. 

Part of me wants to go into elaborate detail and psycho-analyze my fears, but I think today's prompt should result in a simple list, like my post from Friday.

I'm Terrified Of...
  • Failure. I have so many goals in life, and I have a good track record of meeting them (or changing them according to life's circumstances, and then meeting the new ones!). I'm terrified of really chasing after one of my dreams and completely failing at it.
  • Rejection, although this is almost like a subset of failure. Being vulnerable is hard for me partly because what if I open up to someone I love, and that person decides I'm no longer good enough? 
  • Spiders. Just call me Ron Weasley. 
  • Rape. I honestly can't imagine anything worse happening to me.
  • Infertility. I desperately want to be pregnant and pop out a baby Belle or Beau one day. Most women with Crohn's disease who are not actively flaring are able to conceive and have healthy babies, although those children have a higher likelihood of having Crohn's or Colitis. But any permanent health condition puts you at greater risk for infertility and other health complications.
  • Loss of my positive body image as I get older. I'm young, and I'm already terrified of wrinkles, saggy boobs, and gray hair.
What are YOUR greatest fears? Did you link up today for Blog Every Day in May? Share your thoughts and blog posts in the comments!


  1. I mentioned the inability to get pregnant in my "fears" post today. My mom has Lupus and Colitis (what they formerly thought was Crohn's for years), so my fear isn't completely unfounded.

    1. Especially when invisible illnesses can sneak up on you. =/

      I just want a baby, more than almost anything. And the thought of not having one terrifies me. I know the statistical odds are still in my favor, but having any odds against you is scary.

  2. I definitely fear not being able to get pregnant, although really for no rational reason. I think the main thing is that I've never had a pregnancy scare, but I'm made a point to never have one, so it isn't really an arguing point. Hopefully though, all the worrying isn't necessary and I have nothing to worry about.


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