Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm Uncomfortable When...

Linking up for the third day in a row. Y'all, we are already at some sort of record for Belle! Sorry this post isn't as exciting as the "Story of My Virginity" or the semi-erotic guide I wrote on consent.

I'm Uncomfortable When...

  • Women wear the wrong size bra, especially if it gives them the four boobs look.
  • I'm using public transportation by myself, and someone decides to sit down next to me, especially if other seats are available.
  • Someone makes a racist or homophobic remark. It's so much harder for me to speak out against casual racism or homophobia, even though I'm very vocal about even the smallest signs of sexism.
  • I forget to pack flats for a weekend trip, and I end up wearing heeled boots and sparkly wedges all weekend... aka when Rose and Landon got married.
  • I wear a thong.
  • The conversation turns to sex, and I'm with either my family or Beau's family.
What makes you uncomfortable? Are you participating in "Blog Every Day in May"? Share your links in the comments!


  1. oh man every time I see a woman with four books I want to take her aside and tell her to get measured! but... does sex come up a lot with your family and/or Beau's? no matter what your stance on pre-marital sex is, that's super awkward!

    1. It doesn't come up a lot, but it's super-awkward when it does. It's always unexpected, too, like when playing a board game that apparently includes sexual descriptions or when watching the nonrated version of movie and finding out it has *really* racy scenes in it.


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