Monday, May 27, 2013

A Letter to My Readers

Dear Readers,

Y'all are the best. I know every blogger says it, but it's true.

I started this blog because I had something to say that I didn't see elsewhere on the web. I felt like virginity was misunderstood. I wondered if anyone else out there felt the same.

When you tell me that my blog has reassured you, or that my writing has made you reevaluate your ideas about something, or that you feel inspired by me, you make my entire day bright. Even if you tell me that in an email, and I haven't gotten around to replying to you yet.

I love all of my readers, but I want to take a moment to recognize my readers from my real life. You know who you are.

To my best friend/sorority sister/heterosexual life partner/Love Of My Life: you've read everything I've written since I was 18. Your love, your support, and yes, your constructive criticism, mean the world to me.

To my Big and my Little: I wish y'all could be in my everyday life, but I'm glad the Internet gives us the opportunity to keep up with each other. I also feel like we should star in our own TV show about the different ways to be a feminist. We have so much in common (DISNEY! BOOKS! TEA! LOVE, RESPECT, AND UNDERSTANDING!), but we're all so different as well.

To my wonderful boyfriend: You are so patient with the amount of time I devote to writing, time that is taken away from you. You're the most amazing person I know, and I'm so blessed to call you mine. (I just resisted a my precioussss joke right there).

To the other dozen or so friends who read this: Thank you for accepting me for who I am.

Gros bisous,

Belle Vierge


  1. I fall more and more in love with the design of this blog. So well planned and payed out. Your posts are just as amazing.

  2. thank YOU for writing! I'm afraid I wouldn't think about half of these things without your motivation, and I need to be thinking about them. Thank you.

    1. Your kind words make me smile. :) It's good to feel like I'm making a difference, even if it's only in the blogosphere.

  3. Someday (hopefully soon) we shall have a sorority family reunion, in which we will drink tea, watch a Disney movie (or two, or three, or four), discuss books, and just enjoy each other's company! Someday, someday <3

  4. You're beautiful :)



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