Sunday, May 19, 2013

Other Virgin Blogs Exist... I'm Not Alone!

Hell to the yeah, started and finished this Monday night. I'm trying to get ahead whenever I have the chance so when I'm with Beau, I can focus on him alone.

I broke the rules once and blogged about all my favorite blogs, instead of just one.

I'm breaking the rules again and blogging about my two favorite virginity blogs, instead of my five favorite blogs. Because I already did that when I broke the rules earlier this month.

If you ever can't find this post, but you desperately need to read blogs on virginity, these are all linked underneath "The Library: Belle's Books and Reader Resources."

Let's start with the most important, which is also the first virginity blog I started reading. How to Lose Your Virginity is an upcoming documentary about, well, virginity, directed by the award-winning Therese Shechter. Beau and I will actually be starring in it. I hear we're on the cover of all the movie posters. Our agents are talking to Therese about a spin-off sequel, Belle and Beau Lose Their Virginity.

Yes, I'm (mostly) joking about that, but seriously, Therese is really cool, and she interviewed us back when I still lived in New York. She even let me shamelessly plug my blog, so mad props to her. I'm not sure exactly when it's coming out, but if you want to know our real names, and what we look like (models, duh) without me cropping our heads, then you should go see it.

The blog is awesome. Therese regularly does a round-up post of "virginity in the news," usually with some snarky commentary. Readers are invited to share their own stories about their virginity and/or virginity loss. A little over a year ago, I guest-posted with some of my best work. (Shameless plug).

I just started following this blog about a week ago, and I already love it. Arleen Spenceley approaches virginity from a totally different perspective than my own. She's a devout Catholic who believes in chastity. I especially really like this article in which she's totally honest about awkward honeymoon sex, a refreshing alternative to the youth pastors promising that when two virgins make love for the first time on their wedding night, they both orgasm rainbows. Also, she's a Christian feminist, so she's basically the Catholic version of me.

I follow other virginity blogs, but these are my favorite ones, after my own, of course! 

Is there another virginity blog I should have included? Who else should I be following?



  1. that documentary looks really interesting! I love how she approaches it from so many angles - I'll have to check it (and the blog) out!

    1. You definitely should! When she started the project, it was from the perspective of criticizing purity culture and slut-shaming, but then Therese discovered that prude-shaming is still a huge problem too. It definitely offers multiple viewpoints, including that of the sexy demi-vierge (MOI) and her boyfriend. :D

  2. I love how many different categories of blogs there are out there! I just read today someone who has cerebral palsy saying she connects with other cerebral palsy blogs. And here you are, saying you connect with virginity blogs. I guess it gives me hope that there is space out there for everyone.

    And thanks for putting my button up on your blog. You are a doll!

    1. The blogosphere is a weird, imperfect space, but it has a weird, imperfect spot for basically anyone.

      You're most welcome!


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