Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Read My Blog. All of It. But Especially These Posts.

I'm officially a pro at blogging whenever I have 15 minutes, saving drafts, and scheduling the post for later.

If you've spent some time poking around my blog, you've probably noticed the permanent links on my toolbar. 

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Under my writing portfolio, I have links to some of my best posts, by category. Today's prompt A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives inspired me to update my list and even add two new categories.

So why these posts? Why these categories?

My blog is about virginity, but it's mostly about me and my virginity. Emphasis on the me part. I've chosen to highlight posts about my passions (feminism, consent, and virginity) and about my feelings.

In case linking you to a page with all my favorite posts already linked isn't enough for you, here are some suggestions based on what you might want to know about me.

If you're new here, I recommend reading Meet Belle Vierge and my Inaugural Post first. Then try Who I Am: A Story in Ten Parts for some background deets.

I took a lot of selfies in Niort. Don't judge me.
If you have questions about my feminism, read about my Childhood Observations, find out that My Sexual Assaults Were NOT My Fault, and learn why Gender Inequality Makes Me Angry.

If you don't understand virgins, OR if you're a virgin who feels out of place in this world, check out my Mythbusters: Virgin Edition tag. I've written an entire series on virgin stereotypes that don't apply to me.

If you want to know why I'm (mostly) anonymous, read the post in which I came out to my readers as bisexual.

As always, if you have any questions for me, I will try my best to answer them. I am notoriously bad at returning emails, so don't be surprised if you receive a reply a month later. The best way to receive an immediate response is to comment here or tweet at me. I reply to most comments within the comment section, because most comments/questions/answers are valuable for all my readers to see.

But don't be surprised if I answer your question with a list of links to my blog, or if I quote from a previous blog post... I've written a LOT about virginity, sex, boobs, feminism, sexual assault, and consent. Sometimes I don't feel like repeating myself!

Which of my blog posts is YOUR favorite? Did you like my list?



  1. I hadn't read your Southern Conservatism post yet - whoa nelly. I know NOTHING about that world! (What's a candle pass?) It sounds so... limiting. Which I guess can be freeing if you're comfortable within the set boundaries, but I'm glad you got out :)

    1. A candle pass is a sorority ceremony when a sister gets engaged. The way it worked in my sorority is that we would get an announcement about a last-minute meeting to vote on a calendar or a budget or something. As freshmen, we naively believed it was actually a meeting, but quickly we realized the code for a candle pass. So everyone would show up, and then the president would announce it was a ruse. She would light the candle, and we would pass it around a circle singing one of our ritual songs, a different song for each pass around the circle. The first pass was for friendship, the second pass was for being pinned/lavaliered (getting a fraternity man's letters), and the third pass was for engagement. On the third pass of the candle, the sister who was engaged would blow out the candle. Then we would all start clapping and cheering. She would tell the proposal story, and then we sang the engagement song to celebrate. It's a really cool ceremony, and I always loved celebrating my sisters' engagements, but I graduated and learned there was more to life.

      Yeah, much of southern culture is focused on the MRS. degree and graduating with a ring on your finger. I'm obviously thrilled with my relationship with Beau, and where it's going, but I fulfilled some of my biggest dreams BEFORE I met him.


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