Friday, April 26, 2013

Book Club Friday: Flat-Out Matt

I feel like every time I link up for Book Club Friday, I have to first apologize for how long it's been. Working two jobs keeps a woman busy! That, and spending last weekend at a water park and spa with my beloved boyfriend kept me a little preoccupied... 

Last year I reviewed the best ebook I've ever purchased: Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park. I have recommended this book to anyone, man or woman, who asks for book recommendations. It is such a fun, easy read with complex characters, witty (but realistic!) dialogue, and an intriguing plot.

A few weeks ago I received an email from, one that reminded me of why I sign up for company emails even when I delete 75% of them. Amazon just wanted me to know that Jessica Park had a new ebook out. Not just a new ebook, but a companion novella to Flat-Out Love, called Flat-Out Matt.

I flipped a shit, in a good way. I have Amazon Prime, so I was eligible to borrow Flat-Out Matt for free, but I decided to buy it anyway. When you find an author you really love, it's important to support her as much as possible! 

Before I get into my actual review, I should post a huge spoiler warning. Do NOT read this book before reading Flat-Out Love. Some companion novels can be read in either order, but this is NOT true for Flat-Out Love and Flat-Out Matt.

The first book is told from Julie's POV, and the companion novella (much shorter than the original) is told from Matt's POV. It's just as beautiful and emotional as the first one.



Also, this book has a steamy bonus chapter at the end, again from Julie's POV. As a virgin, I can only attest to part of its accuracy. I know that part of my personal progress in becoming comfortable with seeing Beau naked was via the shower. Everyone's naked in the shower, right? So for me, it was like taking a nonsexual situation and slowly letting it become sexual. I thought this was a very realistic way for Julie to ease into having sex with Matt--her first time! If anyone who has had a P in her V would like to read this chapter and chime in with the accuracy (or lack thereof) of the rest of the scene, I would love your opinion!

My only criticism of the book was the occasional sexism and slut-shaming. Matt is just a little too happy that Julie is a virgin, and he's just a little too upset at the thought of her having sex with Seth. This all strikes me as sexist and hypocritical, since Matt had already enjoyed sex with his high school girlfriend. But it only happened a few times, and his thoughts do fit with the fact that Matt loves her, so he's jealous of Julie dating anyone else.

What books have you been reading lately?


  1. I keep hearing about these books lately, and the more I hear about them the more intrigued I am. I tend not to read ebooks, but considering how popular these seem to be I wouldn't be surprised if someone publishes print version of them, at least if they haven't already.

    1. Having an e-reader changed my life. Neither my kindle nor my iPad will ever replace real books, but with all the traveling I did abroad (and all the traveling I hope to do again), carrying an infinite amount of books in a single kindle was amazing. Also I buy quite a few kindle deals for $0.99 to $2.99. I usually spend more than that on used paperbacks!

      Anyway. I can't recommend Flat-Out Love and Flat-Out Matt enough. :D

  2. Gotta read these ones, for sure!

    1. They are so good! Add them to your to-read list. :)


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