Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pretending to be a Fashion Blogger

I'm not a fashion blogger. Not even close. I might occasionally tweet pictures with the hashtag #OOTD, but that's a pretty rare occurrence. Not to mention all photos are self-portraits in horrible lighting.

In the winter, I rotate between jeans, black slacks, black corduroy leggings, and gray sweater leggings paired with a rotation of long-sleeved shirts, 3/4-sleeved shirts, and sweaters in a mostly black, white, and gray color scheme and an assortment of colorful scarves.

The Midwest is cold, even in the spring. The weather in the last several weeks has been all over the place. My clothes have to accommodate an office that's usually cool, a department store that ranges from freezing to boiling, and the outdoors itself. 

In other words, I basically wear the same pair of floral skinny jeans almost every day.

3/4-sleeved gray sweater purchased on sale from The Loft in January 2013, pink boots bought in Bordeaux in December 2010

These jeans are magical. I started admiring them when I was still working in the salon, but even with a very reasonable $20 price tag, I couldn't justify buying jeans I didn't need. Then I received a $10 reward from the JCP Rewards program--suddenly the price was right! The reward plus my discount took the jeans down to $7.50. Such a steal! I originally went with the size 6 petite, but I ended up getting the 4 regular so I can tuck them into my ankle boots. 

I receive compliments on these jeans almost every time I wear them. I always glow under the attention, but I also laugh when a fellow employee of JCP compliments me. They're a.n.a. jeans! We sell them!

Thus I make my fashion blogging debut! Below are just a small sampling of the different ways I style my floral skinny jeans.

"Everyone Is Gay" t-shirt, sorority flip-flops
Striped top by a.n.a., purchased from JCP April 2013, red wedges from Payless April 2013
Green ribbed tank top from Old Navy, black ballet flats from Payless May 2011
Dark gray 3/4-sleeved top bought on sale from the Loft January 2013, red scarf purchased in the Latin Quarter in Paris Fall 2007, black boots snagged on sale in my hometown February 2013

So this is my attempt at being a fashion blogger! Do you have any standout pieces in your wardrobe? How do you like to style floral prints?


  1. I really love them with the striped shirt. I also have a pair of floral jeans, I'm into everything patterned, and I'm totally going to wear them that way now!

    1. The outfits I didn't model were with two white shirts with black stripes and another black shirt with white stripes. All of which I wear routinely with my floral jeans. :)

  2. I adore those as well. I'd like to check and see if JCP still has them. Or if they are in CA. I usually don't go for printed jeans but these are darker and adorable :)

    1. Thanks! I'm obsessed with them. :) They're sold out online, but I know my JCP still has a bunch of them on clearance.

      I also just bought these ones on clearance last week, and I'm wearing them today for the first time. Sadly, it was cold enough to need jeans and boots. :(


    2. I take that back. They're available in some sizes online.



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