Saturday, March 31, 2012

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor... As You Choose Just ONE Color

We will return to our originally-scheduled, virginity-related blog posts once I write about everything The Hunger Games. Please excuse my current literary, cinematic, cosmetic obsession.

Yes, I just referred to a book trilogy and movie franchise as cosmetic.

You know how popular books and movies have about a gagillion product tie-ins? Because yay money! Right?

After reading multiple reviews and looking at many swatches, I gave in and bought six nail polishes from the China Glaze Colors from the Capitol collection.

This is why I'm not a make-up or fashion blogger.

I ended up buying (L to R) Agro, Dress Me Up, Smoke & Ashes, Harvest Moon, Stone Cold, and Fast Track. (I also bought a polish from a different collection, called Ahoy! It's on my nails right now). I rarely buy nail polish, so splurging on seven at once is a bit of a big deal for me. But my oldest child Annie* does my nails for me, so they've been nicely manicured since September. Her enthusiasm for new colors is contagious, and when I found them online for only $2.99 each... I just couldn't resist.

So far I've only tried Smoke & Ashes as my accent nail with Fast Track as my primary polish, and I've only tried Stone Cold as my accent nail with Ahoy! as my primary polish. Did I take photos of either of these combinations? 


Of course not.

This is why I'm not a beauty blogger.

But for actual, in-depth reviews with pretty pictures, check out The Lacquered Lady or All Lacquered Up.

Basically, I'm in love with these colors. 

How can I relate this post to virginity? Umm...

Even virgins wear nail polish?

Works for me. ;)

*Not her real name. Duh.

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