Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Shoutouts: Week Six

Apparently December is my month for blogging! I created my first-ever editorial calendar, not that it's complete and not that I will necessarily be good about following it. Today will be my sixth day of blogging in eight days! Craziness!

Best on Modesty: My stance on modesty culture has been fairly well-documented, but I always appreciate other voices and perspectives. My friend Carolynn shared her post with me on why she chooses to dress modestly.

Best on Purity: My friend Sarah has once again written a brilliant rebuttal to the arguments of purity culture. In "The Magical Marriage Switch," Sarah points out the lack of logic in insisting girls save sex for marriage and then be sexually available to their husbands all the time. 

Best on Birth Control: I love the large Catholics who agree with me. Keep religion out of our healthcare! The growing number of Catholic hospitals in this country is frankly alarming.

If you're on Tumblr or Pinterest, I've recently joined both! I'd love some new followers!

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  1. As a religious person myself, I totally agree that government should stay out birth control! But I also think they shouldn't force in on us too! Let each women choose the plan thats right for her. I also think that birth control should not be government subsidized--I am women enough to pay for my own contraceptive just like a man can pay for his own condoms. Unless there is a problem (like low income) and even then, I am not sure if I agree that the government should buy you pills... What I'm saying is that the government should not make birth control "free" across the board to women! What does that say about us? We are productive members of society that can pay for our own contraceptives if and when we choose to have sex. Also, my husband and I just lost our health plan because "it didn't work with the new obama care law" and our new plan has a 5,000 deductible and includes "breast pump" and pregnancy coverage for me...and my husband. He, not having a uterus, does not need this. But he has to have it.

    I also really think that companies should not provide insurance to their employers. Before you think I'm crazy, let me explain. For one, when I loose my job, I loose my health insurance. If I bought it though a third party, I wouldn't loose my insurance when I lost my job. And the biggest reason is the cost. Insurance companies know that companies are paying half of my insurance so they jack up the prices knowing the companies will pay it. There are other reasons but I just think that the companies should be companies and let health insurance be health insurance.

    Actually I just want to go back to the days where doctors made house calls and for payment received a chicken. Or maybe I've been reading too much Anne of Green Gables. All I know is this health care business is totally confusing and totally, I think, blown way out of proportion.


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