Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Red Wine Ramblings

I am drunk.

I was going to blog tonight. Like, officially, with a topic and everything. But now I'm drunkenly blogging, which I have done on my livejournal of 10 years, but never on my anon life, I don't think.

My bestie Lauren came over tonight for dinner. And by dinner, I mean wine and cheese. I was all fancy for her. I bought chevre with honey and brie, plus an assortment of crackers. I already had Norwegian cheese, which she didn't like last time, but my mom told me when I was home for Thanksgiving that I didn't serve it right, so I tried again. Plus red wine. A bottle of Pinot Noir was the original plan, and when we wanted more to drink, I opened my bottle of Bordeaux, which Beau Vierge had bought me for my birthday, and I was saving for a special occasion, but what's more special than hanging out with your best friend?

Her fiancé is my bestie too. I love them both. They are both awesome people. I'm very lucky to have them in my life. At different times, they have been there for me when I needed people to love me and support me. I can never thank them enough for that.

I'm going to be a bridesmaid in their wedding. I cried when Lauren asked me. She told me it was happy! I didn't need to cry! But I cry happy tears a lot, and nothing makes me happier than being a bridesmaid in the wedding of my two best friends.

I should blog while drunk more often, although the number of times I have to backspace to fix my spelling and grammar is embarrassing. 

I do have big plans for December.

Y'all should know I wrote out November first and realized my wine-inspired error.

But since life is super super super busy, we shall see if all my big plans pan out.

Until then, I hope y'all have best friends as wonderful as mine.

Everyone deserves a friend who will listen to you talk about sex toys, and family problems, and career advancements, and an anonymous blog.

I'm blessed with several of them.

So this drunken blog post is dedicated to LAUREN. That is not her real name, but she knows her blog name, and she has accepted it.


  1. Definitively blog drunk more often, this is great. Even thought you usually blog about sex and your body, this somehow feels so much more personal. You get to see a different side of people in unguarded drunk rambling.

    1. Thank you! I had fun with it, although I had to fix soooo many typos. One of my other best friends thinks the same as you. When I wrote my post a year ago about Emulating the Virgin Mary, she emailed me to tell me that it's one of the best things I've ever written. And she's been reading my writing for about eight years, so she would know! But it had nothing to do with sex either.

  2. Hahaha some of my favorite, very early, posts were written while drunk. Congrats on being a bridesmaid :)

    1. With my drunken livejournal posts, I don't self-edit. They are HILARIOUS to read sober.

      And thanks!!! Both of them are my best friends, so it's a huge honor to be involved. I was pretty sure she was going to ask me, but I was also willing to do whatever she needed of me without the bridesmaid title. Supporting her is my #1 priority.

  3. aww, so sweet! I'm glad you have friends like that. Also, this is an amazing ramble post! Love your tone!

    1. I've been very blessed with my circle of friends. Neither Lauren nor I have a big group of friends here, but the friends that we do have are great, and we have each other!

      I'm glad you enjoyed my drunken ramblings. :) It's easy for me to go on and on about Lauren. She's the best!


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