Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Shoutouts: Another Busy Week

Between facebook, twitter, and tumblr, I feel like I shared a million links this week! I'm having a hard time narrowing them down to just a handful to highlight today.

Most Eye-Opening and Depressing: Dr. Jill McDevitt wrote about her experience in helping a friend report a sexual assault. Reading her account of how difficult the entire process was absolutely broke my heart, but it also inspired me to find local rape crisis centers to support with the rest of my charitable budget for the year.

Best Post About Teh Menz: This list on Buzzfeed about how feminism benefits men will make you laugh and nod your head in agreement.

Best Interfaith Perspective on Christmas: My friend Betsy is Jewish, but her husband is Christian. She wrote a great blog post on Christmas traditions.

And finally, in a brand-new category for Sunday Shoutouts...

Best Post About ME! I'm hanging out on Casey's sidebar again this month. Check out all the nice things Casey had to say about me, plus her favorite posts of mine!


  1. thanks for the links and all of the twittah love! ;)

  2. aw YAY so sorry I'm just getting around to seeing this, but thank you for the shout-out!


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