Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Shoutouts: Christmas Edition

Me: You're all I want for Christmas, but I don't want you under my tree. I want you under me.
Beau: Oooh. I'll show you my wood.
Me: You can play with my snow globes.

Yes, Beau and I totally had a dirty Christmas conversation on the way home from seeing The Nutcracker. Don't judge us.

I haven't spent a lot of time online this past week. Things at work have been crazy, mainly because I was trying to get everything done before leaving the office on Friday. I'm taking this week off for Christmas, and I made it very clear to all my co-workers that I would not be checking my email all week. Add in all the pre-Christmas frenzy, and the Internet has just not been my priority.

In the spirit of the holidays, I'm only sharing posts about Christmas!

Best DIY Bath Product: One of my favorite beauty bloggers, Elle Sees, shared three recipes inspired by Starbucks. I made the Gingerbread Sugar Scrub as a Christmas present for one of my friends. I had enough left over to save some for myself. My skin felt so silky smooth after I used the scrub in my shower!

Biggest Nerdgasm: The bromance between Sir Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen is the best one ever.

Best Holiday Date Night: My friend Betsy went to the zoo lights with her husband Jon! I plan on going to my local zoo lights with Beau later this week.

This week will also be quiet as I celebrate Christmas with Beau. What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. HAHA I love your dirty talk. Jon tries that sort of thing - he loves puns - but I just laugh at him and he feels squelched and then I have to convince him that laugher is an aphrodisiac!

    1. Laughter is totally an aphrodisiac! I get disappointed when I make a dirty pun and Beau doesn't laugh. :( Then I lightly punch him in the arm and insist, "That was funny! Why aren't you laughing?!" until he acknowledges that it was funny.


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