Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Shoutouts: A Week of Thanksgiving

I know I've been quiet on both the blog and on social media recently. At least in the last week, I've been busy spending time first with Beau's family and then with my own for Thanksgiving. In the past month, my absence can be attributed to some good changes in my life, changes that take up a lot of time, changes that I'm not ready to announce to my anon life.

I didn't spend much time online this past week, but I managed to read a few things. Two Christian feminist writers amazed me the most in the last week of November. Their writing is linked below!

Best Post about the Menz: Sarah Bessey wrote an eye-opening post about how Christian feminism and egalitarianism helps men. It's so hard for me not to quote the entire post here, but just a few snippets include:
Women cannot be the ally our men deserve in the Kingdom of God when we are bowing down in a misguided attempt to lift them up. 
My father has never required for my mother to become less of herself to feel more like himself. He has not silenced me or my sister, he has given us a compelling example to follow and a high standard for manhood.
My husband has never required me to quiet my voice, hide my calling, downplay my gifts. If anything, he has felt most loved, most supported, most joyful when we are both fully alive.
I suppose that men of God aren’t usually so insecure as to require less of a woman in order to be more of a man.
Best Criticism of Complementarianism: I'm obviously an egalitarian when it comes to relationship roles. I don't think women were specifically designed to do XYZ while men were designed to do ABC, except maybe most women have the potential to grow babies in our bellies. I think each couple has to figure out for themselves who does what in the relationship, and I don't think any arrangement is more or less biblical or sinful than any other. Sarah Moon wrote an awesome post that criticizes one of the main arguments of complementarianism: separate but equal

Did you read something awesome this week? 
Did you write something awesome? 
Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I absolutely loved these comments and agree with every one!! :P


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