Wednesday, January 15, 2014

4 Tips to Survive a Cold Cold Winter

A warm shoutout to all the visitors from Jess's blog!

I'm a southern belle, born and raised, currently braving Midwestern winters for love.

It's not easy to leave a warm and sunny state with mild winters where an inch of snow will shut down a small town for the day. Especially not for a cold and gray state with frequent highs never hitting above freezing.

But I'm learning how to cope. This is my second winter in the Midwest, after a winter split between New York and Toronto, after two winters spent in France. I've picked up a few tips from year to year on how to brave the cold and brighten the gray days.

It gets boring wearing the same winter coat over and over and over again. By investing in a large collection of colorful scarves, you can easily mix up your winter wardrobe. I bought most of my scarves in France, but Target has lots of cute, inexpensive options here in the States.

I drink hot tea year-round, but I drink a lot more of it in the winter. My morning starts with a cup of Fast Lane, and my night ends with a cup of Sleepytime Extra. A nice mug of hot tea warms you from the inside out!

Fresh flowers are surprisingly affordable, but you just have to know where to look. I bought a dozen pink roses for less than $7 at the grocery store, plus the bouquet of those other flowers for only $2. It's not a practical expenditure every week, but when it's particularly gross and gray, having some brightly colored fresh flowers in the house can cheer you up.

And when all else fails, grab a cuddle buddy and snuggle for warmth!

How do you stay warm all winter long?


  1. I completely agree that having flowers around can brighten up your perception of your surroundings! xx

    1. I've been buying fresh flowers for myself since college. I used to think they were a luxury, but they're actually a reasonable treat. Looking at them on my dresser makes me so happy!!!

  2. I drink so much peppermint tea....oh so good.

  3. I tend not to drink a lot of tea, but when I do it's always sleepytime. It's what my mom always had in our house growing up. Part of me thinks I should branch out and try some other flavors, but I'm definitely a creature of habit.


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