Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Shoutouts: Women are Second-Class Citizens

Unfortunately, the links I'm sharing this week are mostly on the depressing side of things. But reading about current events is important. As a feminist, I keep up with the reality of women's lives across the globe.

Most Obnoxious Double Standard: Last week I discovered an upcoming film called Free the Nipple, a movie based on the real-life events of New York women who fought against censorship laws. In this article, the director Lina Esco explains the ridiculous social media guidelines that allow videos of women being decapitated and sexualized boobs for the male gaze... but bans desexualized boobs. Can we just talk about how ridiculous it is that men can go shirtless in public, but not women?

Best Biblical Exegesis: If you're a Christian feminist, then you know that certain Bible passages are cringe-worthy. But part of being a Christian feminist is studying those passages, free from the close-minded chains of patriarchy, and discovering new interpretations that don't oppress anyone. I read this awesome blog post on 1 Timothy 2:12, which has traditionally been used to deny women ordination in the Church.

The Latest WTF?! by Forced-Birthers: A brain-dead woman is literally being used as an incubator right now in Texas. I lack the words to describe how horrifying this is.

What have you learned this week?
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  1. The woman in Texas makes me SO angry. She was BARELY pregnant when she went onto life support and the hospital has kept her alive to the point where the fetus is viable. So, now they're arguing the whole viable fetus thing, and GAH! So awful.

  2. For a really interesting perspective on the Florida case I strongly recommend reading The Promise of Stardust. It's a fictional book that at it's base is a love story, but it also tackles this exact issue of life support and pregnancy. Honestly if I hadn't read the book, I probably would have looked at this story quite different, but it's definitely changed my perspective on some things.


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