Thursday, January 30, 2014

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S in Miami

A week ago, I was in Miami, spending two nights in a glamorous hotel, riding in the backseat of a Lincoln Town car, allowing valets and drivers to open all doors for me, enjoying the handiwork of the three stylists who did my hair and make-up, taking selfies with my bestie and sorority sister of eight years who doubled as my entourage.

Fancy hotel pool! Unfortunately, we got kicked out. It's not officially open yet, alas.
I'm pretty sure I hashtagged everything on twitter and instagram as #fancy, because seriously, it was the only word to describe my surroundings.

The fancy tissue flower in the fancy bathroom in the fancy hotel.

The Fusion Network, a new TV channel that launched in October 2013, was my host for the trip. They wanted me to come on their shows Alicia Menendez Tonight and Documental to talk about the documentary How to Lose Your Virginity, which includes an interview with Beau and me.

Getting my hair straightened before filming Alicia Menendez Tonight.
I was in Miami less than 48 hours. While I enjoyed the royal treatment, it was an exhausting trip. I only slept five hours both Thursday and Friday night, so I was pretty happy to sleep on the plane home Saturday morning. 

As beautiful as I looked with professional hair and make-up, I remembered Friday night that the glam life is not for me. It's fun for a day or two, but at the end of the day, that's not who I am.

Fancy hair and makeup!
Two towelettes to remove all the make-up Friday night.
I'm a curly-haired, bare-faced, hoodie and jeans kind of woman.

And that's okay.

Beau likes to take surprise pictures of me at the zoo.


  1. How exciting though! What a great opportunity for you to share your beliefs to a wider audience! x

    1. It was an amazing opportunity. I was so thrilled to be included! I only wish Documental streamed online. This will be the second episode of the series. I think I'll be able to watch Alicia Menendez Tonight online, but that's a much shorter segment.

  2. wow, thats amazing! I hope the interview and everything went well. It looks like you had a super fun and very busy time!

    1. It was really fun. I wasn't quite as concise as I could've been with Alicia Menendez, but the interview for Documental was great.


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