Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Mentions: Feminism and Musicals

Last night I was too emotionally distraught to blog. 

Without going into details aka spoilers, Beau and I watched the finale of Season Six of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I sobbed. I'm still crying.

So my faithful readers will get Monday Mentions instead of Sunday Shoutouts!

Best Intersection of Religion and LGBTQ+ Issues: If you're not following me on tumblr, well, you should start. Anyway, I found this amazing blog post, "You love gay people? That's great. Prove it." The writer makes some excellent posts and uses both humor and a musical number to emphasize his point.

Best Historical Feminist Post: This collection of anti-suffragette posters from 100 years ago is a depressing reminder that misogyny hasn't changed much. 

Happiest Video: The trailer for the new Annie movie came out!!!!! When I was 13, I played "Annie" in my middle school production of Annie Junior. I am SO excited to see this modern adaptation.

Friendly Reminder: I'm still looking for guest posts! It's not too late to contribute a guest post for when I'm on vacation. I would be especially interested in any posts on "Dating, Sex, and Marriage," my thematic week!

What did you read last week?

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