Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Open Call for Guest Posts!

So... I kinda hinted at this over at Jessica's blog back in January, but Beau and I are going on vacation at the end of March. We are spending an entire week in...

drum roll please


Besides our actual week of vacation, I'll be busy preparing to leave the week before and busy catching up on everything the week after. So basically I'm looking for three weeks worth of guest posts.

Why should you write for me? Let me name the ways...

1) You can write about practically anything! As long as you're not judgmental, and as long as your writing is somewhat personal, you can write about anything. 

2) You can write about topics too sensitive or controversial for your own blog or real name. A few of my guest writers have submitted anonymously. Others wrote under their own names, but they wanted to freedom to write about personal topics that their own readers might not appreciate.

3) Reach new readers and followers! My numbers might be small, but my readers are loyal. I have over 600 followers on twitter, over 100 via GFC, over 40 tumblr followers, and over 60 readers on bloglovin. Granted, a lot of these overlap, but they are loyal! Not to mention, some of my most-viewed blog posts have been my guest posts. For whatever reason, my fans love my guest posts. Writing for me gives you a brand-new audience to discover your own blog.

4) Include links galore! You can link to as many of your social media accounts or relevant blog posts as you would like. 

5) Did I mention it's free? I've willingly paid money to guest post at other blogs. I've had great opportunities to grow my blog by "sponsoring" other blogs, especially when I could write guest posts. But I don't have a sponsorship program with my blog. I don't spend the necessary time on my blog to be a good host blog for advertising. So writing for my blog is a FREE opportunity! 

Ideally, I would like 6-9 guest posts to go up during my absence. I have a few posts of my own scheduled in advance, but I would love to keep my readers entertained with at least two guest posts each week. 

So, if you're interested, check out my guidelines and shoot me an email.

While I am open to a huge variety of topics, I also have a thematic week planned, with the very broad theme of, "Love, Sex, and Marriage." If you have an idea for a guest post fitting within that, I am extra-interested in featuring you on my blog.

I can't wait to see what brilliance y'all share with me and my readers!


  1. Oooohohoooh I can't wait to read all your guest posts!! I'm really busy or I would apply to post. HUGS! Have fun on your...trip :P

    1. All of my guest bloggers have been awesome--like you! I tentatively have two committed already. One is from a company who reached out to me. It will probably be more informative and less personal, but the topic is still relevant.

      I have a few surprising posts planned for our trip that I'm sure everyone will enjoy. ;) And depending on Verizon's coverage in Puerto Rico, I can't wait to tweet and instagram everything!

  2. I could potentially write a guest post for you! I would be willing to write on "I Was a Virgin on My Wedding Night: Best and Worst Decision Ever." I'm overall really happy with the choice, but there are certain parts of that choice (like how totally weird sex was until we "figured it out") that I didn't fully consider beforehand. Anyway, let me know if you're interested! christine.webb521@gmail.com.


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