Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Mentions: Virginity is Hot

I missed Sunday Shoutouts two weekends in a row.


In my defense, the first Sunday I missed was Super Bowl Sunday. I had more important things to do than blog, like eat junk food and drink wine and hang out with Beau and my besties. Yesterday I had a party to attend and the Olympics to watch. Blogging was just not a priority.

To make up for it, I present my slacker version of Sunday Shoutouts...

After making my television debut Saturday night on the Fusion Network, as a cast member of How to Lose Your Virginity, I've decided to focus today's edition of Monday Mentions on my favorite topic: virginity.

Worst Virgin Myths POPPED: Nolan Feeney wrote "Living Myths About Virginity" for The Atlantic. It's awesome--just ignore the MRA troll who took over the comments.

Adult Virgin Myths POPPED: My friend and kickass director Therese Schechter wrote "Sexless in the City: The Truth About Adult Virgins" to share some of what she learned while filming her documentary.

Best Conservative Post: Last week, I also did a phone interview for the Christian Post. I referenced an old blog post I had read on purity rings, and after the interview, I googled it and emailed it to the journalist. It's definitely more in line with traditional values, but it's a healthier perspective on saving sex for marriage.

Best Reactions to My Television Debut:

Did you watch me on TV? If DocuMental ever ends up online, I'll let y'all know!!!


  1. do let us know if it ends up online please!

    1. I will!!! I really hope it does. I have several friends who want to see it. :)


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