Saturday, March 8, 2014

Love Is a Relaxing Date Night

Most of the time, Beau and I are pretty casual. We spend many Friday nights eating pizza or wings while watching Star Trek. Romantic gestures happen when I make him a mug of hot chocolate alongside my tea or when he changes the oil in my car. 

But we still sometimes like to woo each other, like we did last Saturday night. A few weeks ago, I treated myself to a relaxing evening with a facial and tasty treats. I wanted to share that experience with Beau last weekend. I planned a romantic evening for us that started with a simple dinner and ended with... well, I'll leave that to the imagination!

Fruit, veggies, meat, cheese, & crackers, sparkling wine, and chocolate

While Beau caught up on chores Saturday afternoon, I prepared dinner. I sliced up three different kinds of cheese--Extra Sharp Cheddar, Colby Jack, and Muenster--and some Summer Sausage. I don't exactly have a huge selection of fancy dishes, but I arranged them on my favorite plate. Putting the crackers in my one fancy margarita glass was a stroke of genius! 

Beau doesn't really like veggies, but I cut up a red bell pepper for myself and arranged them on a matching plate with some carrots and Ranch dressing as well. 

The strawberries were my dessert, and the Hershey's Kisses
were for Beau. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like chocolate, but Beau was totally cool eating the Hershey's Kisses by himself. He doesn't like strawberries, so I enjoyed not sharing either!

Since it was a special occasion--date nights are always special!--we celebrated with a bottle of sparkling wine.
Bath salts, sparkling wine, loofah, dessert, and face mask

After dinner, we decided to enjoy dessert in the bath. Before dating Beau, I never really appreciated how amazing a hot bath can be in the middle of winter. We love taking baths together. I usually add some homemade lavender bath salts to the water, and Saturday night was no exception. 

Testing Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask
It's not easy being green...
After we enjoyed our fill of strawberries and Hershey's Kisses (and finished all the sparkling wine!), we tried out my new Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask. Beau graciously applied it first on my face and then on his own. After ten minutes, I wiped mine off with a washcloth, and he rinsed his off in the bathwater. 
Hands are green after trying Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask
Sorry, we didn't pay attention to the softness of his hands.
Beau's Thoughts: It felt like rubbing dirt on Belle's face. Specifically, it felt like USCS Group OH soil. On my face, it felt like slowly drying mud. Also, we still haven't gotten all the residue out of the bathtub. We usually don't have to scrub it down in-between baths.

This mask can be used once a week, so I'm actually wearing it again tonight. I like how it feels nice and tight on my skin as it dries. My skin definitely felt softer last week after using it, and my face still looked good the next morning. Beau's skin also looked better immediately after using it, but his face was dry again in the morning. We used different moisturizers after the mask, though, which probably contributed to the differences. 
His and her skin care
I use the CVS version of Olay's night cream.
All relaxed from our bath and at-home facials, Beau and I went to bed. We just didn't go to sleep right away...

This weekend, we settled back into routine. Last night we ate boneless chicken wings while watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Tonight I blogged while he complained about our local Republicans trying to screw with the Libertarians. Not every weekend needs to involve an extra-special date night, but I'm so glad we devoted last Saturday night to romance and relaxation!

How do you celebrate Date Night?

*Post contains Amazon Affiliate links. Also, Influenster sent me the Hershey's Kisses and the Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask complimentary for testing purposes.


  1. Aww I miss those nights. We haven't had many of them since having our youngest, but we try to do something whenever we get a chance. Even if it's just me staying up late until he gets home from work to watch TV together, or a quickie in the bathroom (hahaha), or a car ride ALONE together to talk. You have to fit it in wherever you can when you have kids. ;) Enjoy your time alone with your man!! :)

    xo, Sarah
    Hustla, baby.

  2. Haha. Sounds like fun and intimate way to spend the evening! My husband is also a libertarian (and I'm a tea party member) and we both discuss republicans all the time. Such fun.


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