Thursday, August 15, 2013

Throwback Thursday: My First Kiss (A Reblog and a Link up)

So I have it on good authority that you can repost old blog posts, especially if they're from your blog's tentative, awkward beginning when no one was reading it.

This summer, Bonnie has been hosting a weekly linkup called Throwback Thursday. It's been really cute, but I honestly haven't felt that inspired by any of the topics, partly because all my old pictures are in my childhood home a million miles away. Aka my parents' house in the South.

But today's topic is on first kisses, and I totally blogged about that almost two years ago exactly. So today I am joining all the cool kids with Throwback Thursday to tell you about my first ever kiss!


The first time I kissed a boy I was 19.

I know what you're thinking. “No wonder she's a virgin...”

I even looked like a 19-year-old virgin, in my virginal white debutante gown.*

I wanted my first kiss to be special. So many of my friends had random, inconsequential first kisses, often with guys who didn't care about them. I have a twin brother, and he was quite the ladies' man in high school. I heard plenty of stories about his conquests (and those of his friends). We were young and immature and if a naïve girl fell for him after her first kiss, well, c'est la vie. He might have broken quite a few hearts on the path to graduation, but at least he saved mine by sharing his wild tales. I refused to be another statistic, another notch on the bedpost, whatever. My first kiss was going to mean something, damn it, even if I had to wait a long time.

I'm so glad I waited.

I was home for Easter break my sophomore year of undergrad. Joe*, my best guy friend of five years, was spending the weekend with us, and I hadn't seen him since Christmas, I think. One night, after a nice family dinner out, he and I were hanging out, just the two of us. The rest of my family had all gone to bed. Joe and I watched some stupid reruns on late night TV. Then we looked up stupid things on wikipedia. We've always been very comfortable physically around each other, so we were just being silly and elbowing each other and borderline cuddling on and off for hours.

We started calming down around 2am or 3am. We were sitting on the couch together, and he laid down. I laid down next to him, and he just held me for a few minutes. Both of us were half-asleep at this point, and I teased him for falling asleep on me. I could see where this was heading, so I took my glasses off under some transparent guise. We were still talking quietly, and he started softly stroking my back. We were flirting, and sometimes I would touch his face. I started playing with the hair at the nape of his neck, and he kissed me.
… … …

We finally stopped around 5am, rather hot and sweaty at that point. My shirt was unbuttoned, my bra was shoved down, and my skirt was bunched around my waist.

My first kiss was a two-hour make out session. Yeah, it was still just hooking up, but it was with my best friend. I don't regret it at all. I was with someone I loved, someone I trusted. And it was hot. ;)

So why would I rush into sex? I waited for my first kiss, and it was everything I'd anticipated and more.

*My debutante photos are scanned copies of the small preview shots we received, so they're not perfect. If you would like the name of the photographer, that information is available upon request. He is very well-known in my home state, but since he's local to my hometown, I'd rather not divulge this information unless necessary.


  1. You look stunning in your debutante dress! We don't have such things here, but they sound wonderful.

    1. Thank you! It's basically a night to dress up and dance and have everyone compliment you. :)

  2. I don't regret my first kiss - I blogged about it on Sara's blog - and it was romantic, I guess, and it makes a great story, but it was AWFUL. good for you for waiting for a meaningful experience!

    1. I read that post! And commented a stalker-like number of times on it. It does make a great story!


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