Saturday, August 31, 2013

Love Is... (Part Three)

Today I'm featured on Jessica's blog, the first blog where I ever placed an ad. A large BIENVENUE to all of her readers visiting me today. This blog post is my latest in a never-ending series on love. Follow these links to read parts one and two.

My boyfriend visiting me on the weekends, even when I have to work at JCP Friday, Saturday, and Sunday... Plus Labor Day.

My boyfriend sending me links to funny videos to cheer me up when I'm sad.

My boyfriend writing a guest post for my blog.

Me spending my precious, limited free time driving an hour plus away to the track to watch my boyfriend do his high performance driving. 

Me spending more of my precious, limited free time driving an hour plus away from the track to watch his co-worker race on a dirt track.

Me waking up at 6:30am, thus not getting to sleep in on my only free morning all week, to drive back to the track with my boyfriend since we only took one car the night before from the track.

My boyfriend filling up my tank with gas AND giving me extra gas money because of all the driving we did in my car.

My boyfriend making me breakfast in bed practically every weekend.

Basically, my boyfriend and I are very lucky to have found each other. 

♥ We both try to put the other first whenever possible. ♥


  1. Awww those pandas are so adorable! I've loved pandas ever since I can remember. They are the cutest!

  2. My boyfriend sent me that exact same panda video the other day to cheer me up as well! Have you seen this one? I could watch it all day!

  3. it's totally the little things! love it :)

  4. that's so sweet!! things like that keep a couple together.


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