Monday, August 12, 2013

Love Is... (Part 2)

July 29th was the two-year anniversary of my first date with Beau. Although our relationship anniversary isn't until October, it's still fun to think back to our first date.

August 4th was the two-year anniversary of my first kiss (and second date) with Beau.

Two weeks ago, I was working all weekend while Beau was at the track (he's really into cars). That Sunday night, Beau stayed with me because he had to work nearby on Monday (the 29th). He took me out to dinner at the hibachi restaurant where we ate on our second date. I thought that was really romantic, especially since I was closing at JCP the next night, so we couldn't really celebrate.

Monday night, we enjoyed an oh-so-romantic dinner in the mall food court. Beau asked me what he could do for me while I worked, and I asked him if he would mind doing all my dishes.

I worked until 10:30pm and arrived home at 11pm, exhausted.

I walked into my apartment and dropped my jaw.

Beau had cleaned the entire apartment. He had washed my dishes and cleaned the kitchen. He had swiffered and vaccuumed the floors. He had organized all my piles of stuff. 

In the middle of the freshly-cleared-off table, a bouquet of two dozen pink roses waited for me.

With a funny anniversary card telling me the last two years have been the best of Beau's life.

With a P.S. There's champagne in the fridge.

And just in case I had wanted Sleepytime tea instead of champagne, Beau had heated up my tea kettle as well.

Beau demonstrates his love for me every day, with both grandiose gestures like for our anniversary, and in little ways, like reading my blog.

I'm the luckiest woman in the world.


  1. I truly believe there would be more amazing relationships out there if men would just realize how much we appreciate coming home to a clean house....and flowers :) Happy anniversary—glad you found a good one!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's a huge romantic surprise for me. It's doubly thoughtful because we don't live together, so he's cleaning a space he only occupies 6-10 nights a month.

  2. He didn't only do the dishes, but the whole apartment??!!??!!!!? You landed yourself quite a good catch, girl! It has to everyone's dream to find a partner like that! Congratulations on your and Beau's 2-year anniversary :)

    1. I know!!! Sometimes I think he's too good to be true.

      Thank you!

  3. Congratulations! I wish you many more happy anniversaries to come!

  4. And proofreading it...

    heaten -> heated
    Also, the "center" tag has been phased out in HTML5 so modern browsers show the tags instead of centering the text.

    1. The little ways you show your love for me, every day. ♥

  5. Okay, first, this comment has nothing to do with this particular post. I've just been reading steadily through your archive for the past two hours, and I want to say thank you. It's wonderful to find someone who not only feels the same way I do about things like virginity, intimacy, bisexuality, and being able to love and show off your body, but writes about it so eloquently and adamantly to boot. I guess what I'm saying is... thanks for being awesome, and thanks for that little bit of affirmation. It made my night. :)

  6. oh wow! you've got quite a guy there, belle. we (society) so often emphasize the big grand gestures, but the little ones can be even more meaningful. happy anniversaries!


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