Thursday, May 10, 2012

Any Virgins in the UK? Exciting Opportunity!


I know my last few posts have been pretty heavy. No sexy stories, no clever comments, no lighthearted laughs.

Sexual assault and consent are topics that leave me really emotional. I cried while writing my last two posts. I cried while talking about them with the boyfriend. I cried when I read the responses I received in confidence.

But this post is about something exciting!!! instead of something enlightening yet depressing.

Although this post is more exclusive than normal. I'm sorry.

I have a very special announcement for my readers in the United Kingdom!!! Particularly any virgin readers!

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Farrah Jaufuraully on behalf of Zig Zag Productions, an independent production company in London.

(For all my non-UK readers, don't worry. I totally stalked their website, and it's definitely legit).

Farrah is working on a new documentary, one that explores the process towards sexual maturity. An observational documentary (aka NOT like TLC's judgmental reality show The Virgin Diaries). To do this, the show needs British volunteers who have struggled with sex for years, possibly due to feeling shy and awkward around the opposite sex. The documentary would follow one British man and one British woman as they go through clinical and surrogate partner therapy.*

Did I mention the therapy is free? Yup.

From Farrah's email:

We’d like our contributors to be involved with one-on-one work with a consulting therapist and a surrogate partner as well as being tasked with trying out what they have learnt – from conducting themselves with confidence, to engaging strangers in conversation, to publically displaying affection with a coach.

So, if you're interested, or you know someone who might be interested, feel free to email me at or Farrah directly at You can also call Farrah at 020 7017 8755.

Obviously, all inquiries will be handled in complete confidence. I mean, y'all have NO idea how many virgins have “come out” to me, so to speak, privately via twitter DMs or email. ;) I'm a total pro at keeping my readers' secrets.

*Confession: I had to google this. Click on the link for more information.

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