Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Virgin Search Keywords

Like anyone else (I'm assuming) with a blog hosted here, I like to check my stats regularly. How many page views I receive (not as many as I'd like), my audience (primarily American, but still very international!), my traffic sources (twitter is my all-time highest, but google is moving on up), and within those traffic sources...

The search keywords.

Obviously I'm not surprised on the many variations of "virgin," but this past weeks results are... interesting.

These are the search keywords that led to my blog from 2012 May 15 13:00 – 2012 May 22 12:00.

I've drawn two conclusions from these search keywords. One, I have recurring visitors who pull up my blog via google, by searching my blog title. Two, some people come to my blog hoping for something a little bit kinkier than I can offer.

Anyone want to 'fess up to finding my blog via any of these search keywords?



  1. LOL!! Just found you by clicking thru many blogs via the buttons on the sidebars...kept clicking and something drew me to your button, HA!

    Anyhow...first post I've ever read of yours and it's CLASSIC! LOVE IT! haha. Bueller? I hope the 'vergin repe two boy' person fesses...got some 'splainin to do!


    1. Hi, Kristen! Glad to hear you stumbled across my blog via a nice, normal, not vaguely pornographic way.

      Um, yeah, that particular search term disturbed me. I have a post on sexual assault, and another one on rape apologists, so I'm guessing somehow "vergin repe two boy" led to one of those posts? Very very strange.

      Thanks for reading & commenting! ♥


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