Sunday, March 17, 2013

A few bloggy notes

This is one of those boring, but necessary posts, like instruction manuals and class syllabi. 

1) A big BIENVENUE to all my visitors via Casey and Jessica. Enchanté! (Sorry, I lied about not speaking French to y'all).

2) Check out Casey's post featuring me and all the other lovely ladies who bought an ad on her blog this month! Includes a photo of me in France! Also, I'm participating in a giveaway, so y'all should totally get on that.

3) Check out Jessica's post featuring me and all the other lovely ladies who bought an ad on her blog this month! Includes a photo of Beau and Me at Rose's* wedding last weekend!

4) I'm sure everyone's heard about Google Reader peacing out because apparently Google forgot about their motto: "Don't be evil." As always, you can follow me on GFC (Google Friend Connect) or on Bloglovin (see both in the right column). Plus I regularly tweet links to my blog, so follow @belle_vierge for your daily dose of work complaints and sexy innuendo about Beau. (Just not at the same time). If you really want to follow me on instagram, I won't stop you, but I use it just a few times a month. I'm bellefille87.

5) I've been working on a real blog post that will answer the question y'all have been thinking: why did Belle change her blog's name? And what does "Finding My Virginity" even mean?! Stay tuned!

*Not her real name. As always.

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