Friday, March 1, 2013

Belle is Back!

Open a bottle of the bubbly and pass around the cupcakes—my self-imposed hiatus is over!

I’ve been offline just under four weeks, but it feels like I’ve been away four months.

I needed the time to reflect, refocus, read, and just relax for awhile.

I reflected on the direction I want to take my blog and my writing, along with how I plan to get there. I refocused both my writing theme and my design elements. I read many many new blogs and finally decided on a few new ones to follow. I relaxed: I regularly went to bed by 11pm, I caught up on Pretty Little Liars (although now I’m behind again), I spent less time fighting on Jezebel, I enjoyed some spa & salon services, I continued the long but rewarding process of turning my apartment into a home, and I cuddled/enjoyed sexi time with Beau.
I usually watch it on Hulu.

I talked about life changes and blog changes in my first post of 2013, but I didn’t realize at the time how much I needed to step away from my blog in order to change it. Taking it offline for a few weeks has been a great chance to de-stress and tackle all my scattered ideas, one at a time, without worrying about updating regularly while I figured things out.

In summary form, these are all the exciting changes taking place at Finding My Virginity!

Finding My Virginity
The most obvious change is my new blog title and my own domain name! Inspired by Bonnie, I registered my own domain name within a few days of going offline. I spent hours and hours contemplating different titles and talking my favorites over with Beau. I wanted to move away from Confessions of a Virgin for a few reasons. One, it’s the same title as an adult film. Uhhh, not exactly what I want associated with my blog. Two, it’s very similar to another virginity blog on the market, which I swear I did not discover til after I’d already started my blog. Three, my writing has evolved beyond a confessional of all my “impure” thoughts and activities. So why “Finding My Virginity”? Stay tuned for a more detailed post!

Diverse Writing
Blog posts will definitely include more topics. Like decorating my apartment. And juggling two jobs. Working through my messy relationship with my twin brother. Reminiscing about my years in France. Reflecting on my religious beliefs. Hopefully I will be able to feature more guest posts (I have one submission that will be up soon—the writer has been very patient with me). Don’t worry, I will also resume my various blog series on online dating, virgin myths, boobs, consent, and more.

The Church of the Jacobins in Toulouse

Selling Out
I’m a sellout. There. I admitted it. It’s bad enough I participated in a giveaway that one time, but now I’ve bought an ad on Jessica Lynn Writes. And. I’m considering buying ads on a few other blogs. I also paid Natalie of 2317 Studio for my blog design. I originally contacted her to help me with a single CSS question that I thought would be very simple, we agreed upon a price for it, and then she found out it was not a simple CSS answer. Luckily, she already had this blog template in a nice gray hue similar to my old style, and she offered to customize it for me instead. I love what Natalie did, and the best part, I could still tweak a few things on my own! Aka I made many of the fonts pink…

Also, I have a new button. Please grab it!!! If you have my old button, please please please switch out with my new one! Let me know if you’re interested in swapping buttons. (That sounds really dirty).

Finding My Virginity

As always, I’m on twitter, and you should definitely follow me @belle_vierge there. I tweet obsessively, probably because it’s easier to write out 140 characters than 650+ words.

I realize this was not the most exciting of posts, but I promise to elaborate on everything in a fun, exciting way soon! This was just an introduction to all the awesome changes happening with Belle.

It’s good to be back. ♥


  1. Do you think Toby is reeeeeally dead? I don't.

    1. I don't want him to be dead, because I LOVE his character, and I was so hoping for some revelation that he was like a double agent or something, not actually part of the A-team.

      But in the books, under WAY different circumstances, he dies for real. That said, the show has deviated SO much from the books that I can't rely on my foreknowledge anymore.

      I really hope the show does incorporate this one CRAZY twist in regards to A, but so far, I have no idea if it will happen or not.


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