Monday, June 4, 2012

Virgin Search Keywords Continued

Confession: I had no intention of doing another post on keyword search terms, especially one so shortly after my first one

But someone found my blog by googling "boob popped out on mythbusters." How can I not share that with my readers?!

These are the search keywords that led to my blog 2012 May 28 23:00 – 2012 Jun 4 22:00.

I hope that I helped out whoever was scared about their first pelvic exam (since I was TERRIFIED before mine). I hope I didn't disappoint anyone looking for nerdy hot porn. (Future stories about the boyfriend and I having sex in our library will NOT be shared publicly. Sorry). Most of all, I hope I can inspire or inform or reassure any virgins out there who stumble across my blog, looking to find what they can't outside the Internet.

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