Friday, June 15, 2012

Joyeux Anniversaire à Moi... (le 8 juin)

Last Friday was my birthday, last weekend was my birthday weekend, and June is my birthday month. Let the celebrations continue!

My birthday weekend was practically perfect, despite almost nothing going according to plan. (And I LOVE to plan things very precisely).

The plan: Spend Friday at the pool with the boyfriend, and after school, the kids too. After dinner, go to the cool adult after-hours event at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) with the boyfriend. Drink champagne. Go to the nude beach on Saturday, head home to shower, get my tattoo, and go somewhere nice for dinner. Spend Sunday at Casa Loma.

What happened: The only event that went according to plan was getting my tattoo. But the weekend was still awesome. :)

The boyfriend left work early Thursday and drove to Toronto so I could wake up with him on my birthday. He brought me this beautiful cake.
I used Paint to hide my real name (in M&Ms!) and age

Friday morning my kids "surprised" me with cards and presents. Sam* had made a lot of very pointed comments during the previous week about how happy I would be to receive a gift card to Indigo (like Barnes & Noble, but Canadian). Amy* had been working on her card for me after school, where I could see it... Annie* had asked if pink was my favorite color, if I liked pink roses, and if I liked bows.
Clearly I went to Indigo immediately

So when Sam and Amy presented me with homemade cards and a gift card to Indigo, I acted surprised, but I had expected it. (Technically the giftcard was from my bosses, but semantics). To an extent, Annie did surprise me when she gave me bow earrings and a rose hair accessory. I thought she was hinting about real roses with a bow tied around them.
My favorite things: Starbucks, Diet Coke with Lime, the boyfriend, my kids
She loves me as big as the moon.

After we took the kids to school, the boyfriend and I returned home to make one of my all-time favorite breakfasts: Eggs Benedict. He's so precious. I had asked him months ago to learn how to poach eggs and fry bacon (I usually under-cook it or burn it) for this exact reason. (I already know how to cook many many complicated things, so I figure he can learn a few cooking techniques I haven't mastered). I made the Hollandaise sauce (from scratch!) and toasted the English muffins while he poached our eggs and fried the bacon. It. Was. DELICIOUS. We ate it so quickly I completely forgot to snap a photo.

After some, ahem, alone time, we hit up the mall so I could buy some new shorts from H&M and spend my gift card at Indigo. I bought the next Phillipa Gregory novel, another by Tracy Chevalier, and a nerdy book full of advice from the smartest people in the world.**

After dinner, the boyfriend, the kids, and I skyped with my parents, my brothers, my twin brother's girlfriend, my best guy friend Joe,* and his girlfriend. I then opened my presents my parents had mailed to me.

My mom is hit or miss with books

The books are "token" presents. The real gift is getting my pearl & diamond ring repaired when I'm home this summer. One of the pearls fell off in January, and I really want it replaced.

When I got off work, the boyfriend and I went into the city. The line for the ROM was ridiculous, so we gave that up and searched for a bar with champagne, to no avail. Eventually we gave up and went home, to my disappointment. But the boyfriend promised we could get champagne Saturday night.

Annnnnnd this is a really long post. I'll sum up Saturday & Sunday in another one.

*Fake names. As always.
**Still confused as to why I wasn't consulted... Maybe they also had an age requirement?


  1. you're in your 20s and so young! i wouldn't hide that!

    1. I'm not shy about my age. I'm just trying to keep identifying features (name, age, graduation year, home state, etc.) anonymous. Besides, I'll always be young. ;) I joke that I'm really 12 years old still.

  2. Ok, I'm a little confused. You have kids? But are a virgin? Don't get me wrong, its probably explained in a post I haven't read (I'm kinda addicted to your blog, been clicking around for awhile, and then *is productive* and then come back later. Its really interesting.)

    Hope you are not bothered by my question!

    1. Hahaha, it's okay. Since you're jumping around, it can be confusing. I'm a former live-in au pair for a French family. It's why my boyfriend and I started out long-distance. We met while I was interning in the Midwest, right before I moved to New York to start my au pair job. And then with that family, I ended up moving to Toronto. So for ten months, I talked about my kids a lot.


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