Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jumbled Thoughts on my Mom's Cancer

Tomorrow... well, today, since it's after midnight, my mom will finally have her surgery, after the whole insurance debacle. She and Daddy met with the neurosurgeon out-of-town last Thursday, and they felt very good and confident after meeting with him. We hope she will be discharged as early as Saturday.

It's been good if weird being at home (the South) for over a week now. Beau left on Sunday, since he had to go back to work this week. I go back to the Midwest on Saturday. The whole family being together was nice, but stressful. Like I love my aunt whose visiting, but sometimes I want to strangle her. But other times she's so interesting and tells me the best stories about her own feminist activism. Strong personalities. My family is full of them, and when we're all together and super-emotional, it's a little chaotic. 

One of my mom's best friends created a hashtag and requested selfies for my mom. We've received pictures of family and of strangers holding up signs in Paris and all across the United States. Everyone is praying for my mom. I've cried a lot, humbled by the outpouring of love.

I really miss my husband. Sleeping alone sucks. He was such a comfort to me while he was here. 

I won't be totally alone. I'm spending the next three nights with Rose and Landon. Silver lining and stuff. Landon is in a play. Rose saw him Opening Night, but we're going again Thursday night. It will be a nice distraction after spending all day in the hospital, most likely.

This is super stream-of-consciousness, but I just have all these thoughts about my mom and cancer and our family and I don't know what else to write.


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you! x

  2. Loving this personal post. You are not afraid to be vulnerable and share your heart here and it is one of the things that keeps me coming back.

    Your mom is brave. You are brave. I know you are both probably pretty scared right now as well.

    I'm sending you warm hugs and good wishes, and prayers.


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