Monday, April 14, 2014

Gleeking Out, or That One Time Glee Retweeted Me

I've been live-tweeting Glee on and off for several years now. It always produces the double-edged effect of losing me followers, but gaining me a large number of retweets and favorites.

Last week was the pinnacle moment in my live-tweeting career.

That might have been the highlight of my week... Well, my work week, at least.

Have you ever had an exciting retweet 
by a celebrity or TV network?


  1. Ah, so exciting!! I'm so jealous! I bet it sucks that you can't brag to your friends because it was on your anon account :-/ but hey, super cool!!

    Once, Jessica valenti replied to my tweet, and GMA retweeted me. But, I think my highlight was a few weeks ago when I realized that Ellen DeGeneres follows me! So pumped!


    1. I texted my only Gleeky best friend who also knows about my anon life, and she was properly excited for me. But yeah, I totally wish I could tell more people, because it is such a big deal!!!!

      Um, if Jessica Valenti ever replied to me, I think I would swoon.

  2. I once tweeted about my love for pistachios and the official pistachio twitter account responded, but that's as close to twitter fame as I have ever come....

    1. I did not know that pistachios had their own official twitter account.


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