Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Month of Birthdays

My birthday month might be over, but I always find new occasions to celebrate! This weekend, Beau and I are in Denver for my second cousin's wedding (yesterday!) and for a big family party (today!) thrown by my first cousin once removed and his wife, aka the groom's parents. These are my French/American cousins, so happy Bastille Day!

I love my birthday. I love a celebration that's all about me, true, but it's more than that. I love taking the time to reflect on my growth in the previous year, to reminisce about fun and/or new experiences, to focus on my goals for the next year.

My birthday was June 8th, but I celebrated all month long, as I do... Highlights included:

Buying a rattan table and chairs for my apartment
Joyeux anniversaire à moi
My boyfriend and my besties coming over for a wine & cheese night

Going to a big city with my boyfriend for the weekend, my first time ever visiting this city

In this city, visiting several museums and the zoo
Yes, I love taking pictures with all the bronze statues. Especially silly pictures.
Just outside this city, seeing a community production of Shrek the Musical

In this city, going to a major league baseball game

Catching up (a little) on my reading

Going to my local Pride Festival
The Pride Festival included booths for several sex shops. I couldn't resist taking this photo.
Seeing a Broadway show on tour

Spending several mornings and afternoons in a bikini, at a pool, causing men to lust after me

The only bad part of my birthday was H proposing to his girlfriend the day before our birthday, aka stealing the spotlight away from me. That, and finding out that his girlfriend now fiancée had defriended me on facebook. That, and seeing that none of our mutual church camp friends bothered wishing me a happy birthday.

Sometimes, taking the high road and not telling all your mutual friends about exactly why you're not speaking to someone really SUCKS, because he's obviously told them all that I'm overreacting and that he's the victim in this situation. 

Other than that, my birthday month was PERFECT. My boyfriend spoiled me rotten with all sorts of lovely prezzies, like two humongous bags of gummy candy, and a bottle of Bordeaux, and a laptop cooling board, and a new set of wine glasses, and a new bikini, and something I'm not blogging about that's just between us. (Fine, I told Lauren and Hardy too. And my parents. But I'm not blogging about it).

My birthday month was perfect this year, but the boyfriend has already figured out a way to give me an even BETTER birthday month next year... Too bad y'all will have to wait until then to find out his plans for us.


  1. Happy birthday Month (ish)! My birthday was two days ago and I'm definitely planning on dragging it out as well..

    Also wine and cheese is really the best activity. Glad you've had a good time!

    1. Thank you! Happy belated birthday to you as well. You should definitely celebrate all month long. It's really the only way to celebrate post-grad.

  2. Sounds like an incredibly awesome month! I love that you celebrate hard :)

    The high road is hard...I'm currently trying to navigate it my head as well as I take the high road in my own personal situation - and seriously. Difficult!

    1. It was really perfect. I don't see getting older as a reason to stop being awesome! ;)

      Yes, it really is. Good luck figuring out your own situation. I know it's rough.


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