Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Even More Virgin Search Keywords

I just...

I have no words.

Um. I'm sorry I don't write porn?

Although according to my bestie and to my roommate, my writing is sometimes a little on the hot side.

But it's still far from erotica.


P.S. I think you meant "sexiEst virgins of 2012" and "belle vIErge." Am I the only person left on the Interwebz who can spell?

Previous keyword searches found Here, There, and also Here.


  1. This makes me laugh -- I need to see what my key words are! :) But, with "virgin" in your title, you probably get all of the wackiest ones. :)

    1. I didn't know this when I started my blog. In fact, I only figured it out after writing for like a month. But apparently my blog title "Confessions of a Virgin" is also the name of a porno. So. Yeah.

      I get most excited when virgins who are scared about their first pelvic exam find my blog. I feel like maybe my post about my first exam might help them.

  2. Haha, these creepy key words again!

    1. Everytime I think I won't do another easy post like this (these posts take maybe ten minutes to screenshot and write), I end up with another week of, uh, interesting keywords.

  3. This made my life. This right here. LOVE IT GIRL!



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