Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blog Hopping... Like Bar Hopping, But Free!

Join Us For The Chickadette Blog Hop!!

So there's this new blog called The Blog Tap that I just love. Started by one of my favorite bloggers (aka Lauren of Our Crazy Ever After), it's basically a blog community. Which is awesome because I'm all about community. And blogging.

Ashley Marie of Chicadette just posted about a Blog Hop, which sounds like a fun party with lots of dancing Grease style. However, I have been informed that it's not exactly like that. It's a way to broaden the reader base of all us little bloggers that could.

What does Ashley Marie suggest?

So let's see if we can gain a significant following of random people who genuinely take interest in your blog! I suggest a link-up like no other I've seen!

Starting February 1, 2012


Let's take this link up thing a couple of steps farther, starting with Facebook.

Let's help some sista's out.

Take my pledge. I dare you.

I pledge for one week, every day, to post the link URL of a different blogger's website.

There are bazillions of people on Facebook and just think of the potential exposure of one person posting your URL for their 500 friends to see.

Let's promote new bloggers and make some new friends in the mean time!

If you're interested, LINK UP! and DO IT NOW! That way, when we launch and all of my readers and your readers and so on read about this link up your name will already be on the list of people who want their blog shared!


1. Post a blog about this link up and link up, of course!

2. For the next 5 days pick a different blogger from this link up and post their url in your Blog Facebook Page's 'Status' box.

3. *optional* Leave that blogger a comment on their post about this link up letting them know you picked them that day!

Now, for myself, I'm adapting this slightly. I blog anonymously, so my blog and my facebook are not connected. However, I will sporadically over the next week post to facebook and be like "Hey, just read this awesome blog post!" I will also tweet to my anonymous twitter about the same blog. In other words, I'll still be linking the blogs around, just with a bit more subtlety.


  1. Totally friggin awesome of you for linking up! I made an 'official' button for the link up and it's on the post on my page. I waited til the day of cuz I'm totally a procrastinating bad ass like that >.<

    1. I feel a little cheesy saying this, but you're pretty groovy. That's the first word that comes to mind based on our (albeit limited) interactions & my snooping around your blog. I have updated the button! :)

  2. Glad we've connected through blogging, Belle. I want to feature you on the blog as part of my sponsor spotlight. Can you email me a little bio about yourself and your blog? I'd love that! Hoping to get something mid-month. Thanks, dear.

    1. Eeeks, you're so amazing! Yessss, I can do that. First or third person bio, and approximate word count? (I feel like I never left school...)

      Not sure why you're thanking me... I just did a mental backflip. (I'm not talented enough to do a real one. Hell, I can't even do a backward roll anymore--I'm old).

  3. Love your blog! You got a new follower out of me! I am a new blogger, hoping that someone out there will enjoy my no nonsense blog that has nothing to do about anything.

    Take care and feel free to follow me at http://tambijeanne.blogspot.com/

    P.S. I posted your blog link on my status today. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm honored. Now following you too. ;)


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