Monday, August 22, 2011

Virgin Myths: Virgins Are Judgemental

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Sometimes Real Life happens, and Blogworld is neglected. My apologies. Oddly enough, once I start my new job next week, I will have more time to update regularly. Maybe I won't go ten days in-between posts then. ;)

I actually have a pretty awesome, epic post planned, but I'm too tired to write it out at the moment. Thus, tonight we will pop another virgin myth!

Myth Number Two: Virgins Judge Nonvirgins for Their “Promiscuity”

Assuming I will judge you about anything is one of my pet peeves. I find it even more judgmental than actually judging someone for questionable behavior. You have no basis to form your opinion other than the status of my abstaining behavior. In fact, maybe if you think that I will judge you for a certain behavior, your worry is actually a projection of your own concerns about your life choices. I'm just throwing that out there... never even took a psych class.

Abstinence is a personal choice that I have made for myself and for no one else. Sex is a personal choice that you should make for yourself and for no one else. Just like you do not have the right to tell me what to do with my body, I do not have the right to tell you what to do with yours. Don't judge my virginity, and I will not judge your nonvirginity.

Most of my best friends are nonvirgins, although I have a few who are waiting for marriage as well. I do not do a purity scan on my friends before I allow them into the inner circle of best friends. No one has to sign an abstinence pledge, and after my friends' weddings, I've never requested to see the sheets the next day. I'm not some crazy judgmental bitch, so, yeah, it bothers me when nonvirgins think I'm going to start praying for their souls or something.

As long as sex is practiced safely, with two (or more) consenting adults, then I have no problem with it.


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