Monday, August 1, 2011

Virgin Myths: Virgins Dress Conservatively

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I've decided to tackle some of the stereotypes or myths about virgins. Each myth I've faced in my own life will be featured in its own post. I've thought about creating a scale from Never to Always, but the truth of it is, every man and woman is different. For every myth that isn't true for me or even for my friends, it could be true for someone else.

So, without any further ado, let's tackle our first stereotype!!!

Myth Number One: Virgins dress conservatively.

Let me tell you a little story about my days in undergrad. I was a sorority girl, and a fairly typical one at that. Very perky, involved with philanthropy, supportive of Panhellenic and Interfraternity Council, pearl-wearing, and very representative of Delta Nu*.

One of the fun things Delta Nu did was senior wills. Seniors passed down family heirlooms (like from great-grand-big to great-grand-little), varied Delta Nu things that younger girls might want (like old function tee-shirts or decorated picture frames), and super-cool, highly-coveted, very random objects with significance attached to them.

One of these objects was a stolen Hooters mug.

My freshman year, it was passed down from Kylie* to Casey* because “Casey had big boobs and loved them.” My sophomore year it was passed down to Becca* because “Becca didn't have much, but she absolutely loved what she had.”

My junior year, Becca stood at the front of chapter with her assorted senior wills. She held up the Hooter's mug and gave a brief history behind it. As she toyed with us, not revealing the recipient, about half the chapter turned to look at me. And... I just happened to be wearing one of my most low-cut dresses.

Finally Becca announced that yes, in fact, she was willing the Hooters mug to me. Not only was I the best-endowed member of my sorority, but I loved my boobs more than anyone else.

I ended up willing the mug down to my Little after she told me that my comfort with my body inspired her to wear tighter-fitting and more-revealing clothing. I was so proud.

In other words, no, not all virgins dress conservatively.


*Not their real names.


  1. Ever since meeting my amazing Big Sister and getting to live with her for an incredible year of giggles and confessions, I was indeed inspired by her confidence. Not only confidence of inner self, but also of opinion, faith, desires for life, and--yes--confidence of body. She does not have a grossly-thin, Hollywood-glam sort of body. Neither do I. We are both more well-endowed than average. And she didn't care. She taught me not to care. If I feel like going out and looking a little sexy (not slutty, just sexy), I don't feel self-conscious anymore. I don't wonder if that person at the other end of the bar was giggling about how I should not be wearing this top or that skirt. I learned to love my body for what it is, and my Big was a huge part of that. I am a self-confident virgin-by-choice, and I love my Big Sister for writing this blog!

    1. Dear Little,

      You totally rock. I'm so blessed to have you in my life.

      Love, Big


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