Wednesday, June 4, 2014

To Shave or Not to Shave: A Hairy Debate (Influenster Venus Snap with Embrace Review)

I'm a feminist, but I've still absorbed the social conditioning of American beauty standards to think that my legs and underarms are better when they're smooth.

It's ridiculous, I know, especially when you look at the history of female hair removal and realize that in America, at least, it's a fairly recent concept. Basically marketers are geniuses and the American public is stupid, so when marketers told us about all these awesome products for removing leg and underarm hair post-WWI, we started buying all these awesome products that we never needed before.

But even though I'm informed about marketing schemes and impossible beauty standards, I still prefer to have smooth-ish legs and arms.

Except I'm also lazy. I gave up on shaving cream in high school and switched to inexpensive conditioner. I gave up on using anything except water in France, when my experiment of shaving in bath water led me to discover how quickly and painlessly I can shave if I do so under running water.

So when Influenster sent me Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace, I was intrigued. 

Just activate with water? No need to lather up? Use it on the go?

What kind of genius product was this?!

While Gillette is promoting their new razor as small enough for a purse and the perfect product for shaving touch-ups while you're out and about, I think it's the perfect product for lazy shavers like me. 

I've used it as suggested for under my arms. I just rinsed the razor and shaved under one arm, then rinsed and repeated. Less than 30 seconds to bare underarms, with none of the previous mess of splashing water on my underarms.

I've also used it in the shower, under running water, the way I use all my razors. I won't say it gives me a closer shave, nor is it faster to use, but the small design makes it easier to shave my knees, which frequently get missed. 

My only complaint is that the price of the razor and refill blades is a bit steep, especially compared to my Bic Soleil disposable razors. The razor is $9-10 online and in stores. A 4-pack of refill blades retails between $15 and $18.

Sometimes my laziness--and an unexpected trip to the grocery store--really does trump all, however. On Monday Beau called me at the end of work and suggested we go to Kroger right away to pick up things for dinner. I looked down at my tank top and shorts, with my fuzzy underarms and fuzzy legs, and agreed anyway. Even though I shaved with my new Venus Snap later that night, I can thank feminism for giving me the confidence to go out in public, body hair and all, without giving two fucks what people thought of me. 

*As a member of Influenster, I received the Venus Snap for free. My review is my unbiased opinion, and it's not even required in exchange for the product. Also there is an Amazon Affiliate link if you're so inclined to try out the Venus Snap yourself. 


  1. bahahaha I love it!
    I didnt get this razor but they are all pretty much the same to me and Im not shaving unless im wearing a bikini anyway!

  2. I use a mens shaver way cheaper and none of that running water stuff. Lazyness at it's max. Cheap and Efficient for me anyways

  3. I always use men's razors, too. They've always just worked better.

  4. I most definitely always use water when I shave, and I'm pretty sure haven't bothered with shaving cream since high school!


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