Friday, October 18, 2013

Book Club Friday: More Than Jamie Baker

Earlier this week, More Than Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram came out. I was lucky enough to receive a digital ARC in exchange for my review, just like I received a copy of the first book, Being Jamie Baker. I reviewed this first book a few weeks ago, which you can find here. If you haven't read Being Jamie Baker yet, I can't promise this review of the sequel will be spoiler-free, since even the summary alone gives away some plot points.

Book Summary: Jamie Baker, the only girl in the world with superpowers, has now accepted who she is and learned to control her power. Not to mention she has the best boyfriend on the planet. Life is finally looking good. But the day she witnesses an accident and decides not to save the guy out of fear of being exposed, she realizes that simply being Jamie Baker isn't enough.

After seeing Jamie so wrecked with guilt, the ever-helpful Ryan Miller decides it's time to make all of his fantasies about turning his girlfriend into an honest-to-goodness superhero become a reality.

Of course, coming up with a decent Super Name and fending off all of Ryan's attempts to get her into spandex aren't the only problems Jamie faces. The more her alter ego starts to make headlines, the harder it becomes for Jamie to hide her extracurricular activities from her best friend, the government, radical scientists, and the mysterious new guy who is determined to steal her from her boyfriend.

This book was just as much fun as the first one. I love the moral dilemma that Jamie has to face in regards to how to use her superpowers. Her uneasy alliance with a previous enemy makes me laugh, and I can't help but find her former enemy is endearing.

Again, like I mentioned in my first review, there's a plot/character arc that Kelly writes very very well, and I'm looking forward to analyzing it in detail in a few weeks. She writes a common plot scenario in a really nuanced way that is sadly lacking from most popular books.

The only part I didn't absolutely love is a theme common in young adult novels: the idea that teenage love is incredibly powerful and lasts forever. I know it's silly to complain about a lack of realism in a science fiction novel, but I'm over the trope of True Teenage Love.

Overall, More Than Jamie Baker is a kickass sequel to Being Jamie Baker, and I'm dying to read the third novel!

Comme d'habitude, I'm linking up with Heather at Blonde Undercover Blonde and Katie at The Nerdy Katie for Book Club Friday! 

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