Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunday Shoutouts: A Busy Busy Week of Internet Excellence

I'm starting this at 11:43pm Sunday night, but by the time I'm done, it will probably be Monday. But I read so many amazing articles this past week that I couldn't skip my third week of Sunday Shoutouts!

Most Intersectional: NinjaKate over at BattyMamzelle wrote an incredible article on the racism in Lily Allen's new music video. Ironic racism is still racist, guys.

Most Engaging: Rachel Held Evans asked a great question. Can we teach our children modesty without guilt?

Most Virginal: I hope to write a response to this article later this week, if I find the time. It's an oped from a 35-year-old virgin

Best Parenting: I hope to be this awesome when I have kids.

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  1. I loved Shirley Temple when I was little so it was a bit heartbreaking to hear that she had died. Although even as kid I found it so unbelievable knowing she was still alive, so in a way I guess it's not completely unexpected.

    And props to you for getting to Beau to watch High School Musical with you! There's definitely a lot of movies I can get my husband to watch with me, but that's never been one of them!


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