Monday, September 30, 2013

I Feel Most Beautiful When...

My weekend is so wonderful that I barely spend anytime online and completely forget to write a blog post about feeling beautiful.

If you're reading this right now, sorry, boyfriend >>>>>> blog. I will try and write a real blog post about beauty while it's still September 30th.

I feel beautiful when I wake up in the morning, my hair a mess, my mouth all dry and icky, with Beau snuggling me and whispering, "Good morning, love" in my ear.

I feel beautiful when I ask Beau if my hair looks all right, and he rolls his eyes and tells me that I know perfectly well my hair is perfect and glorious.

I feel beautiful when I'm sick, and Beau makes me hot tea and tells me he loves me.

I feel beautiful because I feel loved, I feel cherished, I feel valued.

Feeling beautiful can be about actual physical attractiveness, nice hair, pretty make-up, but mostly it's about affirmation.

Sexual attractiveness is dictated by an individual, by a culture, or by a time period, but beauty comes from God. We are made in God's image--how can we not be beautiful?

I'm not always successful in my attempts not to judge other people or make rude remarks about people's appearances. I'm trying, though. I'm trying to remember to affirm people rather than tear them down. 

I feel most beautiful when I am loved unconditionally, as God loves me unconditionally.

To find the beauty in others, I need to remember that God first loved me, and thus I should love others in turn.

When do you feel most beautiful? Link up with Betsy, me, and everyone else this week!


  1. dude, life comes first always! that's a beautiful thing in and of itself :) don't stress!

    1. I agree! Let's be honest--Beau's love for me always makes me feel beautiful. :)

  2. To find the beauty in others, I need to remember that God first loved me, and thus I should love others in turn.

    When Charlie and I went to the blessing of the animals, the priest prayed that God's love might work through our love for each other. How beautiful is that!?

    1. I think that's pretty cool. From what I hear about dogs, they really do love unconditionally. We should try to model that in our interactions with humans. :)


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