Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Tale of Two Nerds in Two Cities

So I kinda want to talk about love and sex and Valentine's Day and all that good stuff. But with this whole "moving to Canada" thing looming over me, I don't know if I'll have the time to write out a beautiful, funny, thought-provoking post of my usual brilliance.

Instead, I'll do a little something different. A picture post!

For all you lonely singles out there, take comfort in knowing this is how some of us in relationships will be spending the holiday.

Trying out my V-Day prezzie from the boyfriend!
I am completely and totally serious when I say that cool little things that let me use my smart phone outside in the cold are WAY better than roses or chocolate. #nerdromance

Watching Glee with my oldest child!

Nothing says love quite like watching the super-special Valentine's Day episode of my FAVORITE SHOW OF ALL TIME with my oldest child. Who else just melts when they watch this video? #aupairlife #Glee

Skype date with the boyfriend... with new lingerie. #longdistancesolutions

Seriously, it's going to be like any other Tuesday night when I get a little worked up watching Glee, and the boyfriend enjoys the benefits via skype. I just happened to buy a new bra & panty set. And before you start judging me and thinking my choice is pretty vanilla, let me remind you that my boobs are probably bigger than yours (or your girlfriend's), and my band size is probably smaller. Finding lingerie stores that carry my size are very difficult (the smiling salesperson at Victoria's Secret this summer hadn't even heard of my size). I look hot in this. And it actually gives me the support I need. Win-win.

I was going to send the boyfriend a handmade card, and an assortment of candy, and a loofah,* but then he spontaneously visited me this weekend. He distracted me from making him a card and buying him candy... But he did take the loofah back home with him! Score!

*His is this ancient, falling apart rag of a loofah. So I bought him a new one. It's just a little thing, but seriously, his old one was soooo torn up.


  1. Big boobs, small band size? You're living the life. Happy valentine's day!

    1. Lol I know. I love my body, just not the effort it takes to find clothes (especially underthings!) that fit me.

  2. Hey girl HEY! Nothing says 'I love you' like noticing ancient loofahs and replacing them. <3


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