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Wedding Wednesday: Nerdy Rings for a Nerdy Couple

I hope y'all don't mind that I'm all over the place with these posts. They are definitely not in chronological order, at all. Basically I start writing a Wedding Wednesday post Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, and I just let my muse take over. Today's post is inspired by our wedding pictures, which we just received yesterday!!!!!!!!

professional photos of our rings from our wedding day in San Antonio

Our rings are a little unusual. My engagement ring is not silver or gold or even platinum.

It's palladium.

Yeah, I had never heard of it either. 

Before Beau even proposed, we discussed rings. Beau wanted my ring to have an unusual metal because he's an engineer. So we researched all the other types of metals for rings, compared them according to hypoallergenic properties, price, and color, and agreed on palladium. 

But the metal is only the first unusual part. 

The center stone is a lab-created blue diamond, flocked by two lab-created blue sapphires. While we were disappointed to discover lab-created diamonds are neither flawless nor cheaper than natural diamonds, at least we can guarantee the ethical origin of my stones. Also blue diamonds in nature are very rare and very expensive, but Beau bought my lab-created stone for a comparable price to a white diamond. 

The only guidelines I gave Beau were that I wanted the materials to be ethically sourced and that I wanted some sort of rose inspiration. He found a wonderful jeweler online called Krikawa who worked exclusively with ethical materials and who offered several unique engagement rings with floral inspiration. Beau showed me all their floral rings and asked me for specific feedback on each individual ring. He had already tentatively picked out my ring, but he wanted to confirm that I liked it. Plus he still wanted my ring to be a surprise overall.

Our wedding bands are unique as well. We both have titanium wedding bands. Mine was supposed to be light blue with a dark blue fleur-de-lis pattern, but the light blue is dark and the flowers look black. Even so, I still love it! Beau's ring is gray in color with a blue infinity pattern. On the inside of our wedding bands are two laser-cut engravings. We each have our wedding date engraved, so we'll always remember our anniversary! My ring has his fingerprint, and his ring has my fingerprint. 

If you follow me on twitter or on instagram, then you've probably noticed I don't wear my engagement ring and wedding band together. Most days I just wear my engagement ring, but if I'm traveling, or if I'm doing something that could damage my stones, I wear my wedding band instead. Some brides choose to wear their engagement rings on their right hands after marriage, but I wear my late grandmother's diamond ring. 

I have a million things to eventually share. 
What part of our engagement/wedding 
do y'all want to hear next?

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  1. Both the engagement ring and your wedding band are beautiful! x

    1. Thank you! I'm quite smitten with them. :)

  2. My husband is an Engineer too and didn't want a tradition Platinum or Gold ring. I think the material he got is called tungsten. Love your rings! I got something more traditional but I do love the unique rings that have great stories behind them. Thanks for sharing with us over at The Wednesday Roundup!

  3. that's awesome that your rings have a story to them and that they're unique to both of you and your personalities. You've gotta talk about the dress sometime :)

    1. Thanks! They actually have even more significance than what I blogged, but the additional significance gives away something that could give away my real name and location, to the smart google-user. Which is also why I haven't shared our proposal story yet... When a romantic proposal is location-based, and you're keeping your location a secret, sharing said proposal is not easy!

      But yes, there will be a blog post (or two!) all about my dress. :D

  4. I love your solution to finding ethically-sourced diamonds! That was something important to us, too, which is why we ended up going with vintage rings. One thing I really love about reading wedding blog posts is how the same conundrums seem to have so many solutions, but the solutions people pick always reflect their personality so well!

    1. I think it's cool that more people are thinking about ethical rings, and that we have so many options available to us!

  5. Oh I love these posts! That's awesome that you decided to go with an ethically-sourced stone. When my fiance & I chose my engagement ring that was also a priority, though we decided to go with moissanite (I wrote a post about the stone a little while ago here:

    Anyway, all the rings are so unique and special and beautiful! (Your grandmother's ring is also gorgeous, btw.) Looking forward to reading more wedding-related posts!

  6. what a gorgeous collection you now have :) Jon worked at a jewelry store for a few years, so he definitely had his own ideas, too!

    1. Thank you! :) I'm quite fond of all my rings. I love that Jon had a jewelry background to pick out your ring!

  7. Holy diamonds I love your grandmother's ring. Wowsah. I'd wear that, too! I love that your rings have a story and that they are uniquely you. That alone makes them beautiful...but my goodness they sure are pretty, too! The thumbprint is an awesome idea as well! Thanks for linking up!

    Oh and I'm jealous that you have your photographer's photos back! First of all, you're gorgeous and I love your flowers! Second, I'm jealous! I'm DYING to get ours lol! Thanks for linking up! :)


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